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RFK thinks it's because FOX just settled the Dominion lawsuit and they're afraid of a big pharma lawsuit.

Seems plausible. The segment in question that might have gotten Tucker fired is in the link. FOX's marketshare is down 930 million and will probably go down even more over the next week.

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This is partly why I was saying it was so stupid to jump on vax conspiracy bandwagon like so many conservative grifters did. It was always meant to discredit, deplatform and target people for lawfare, and that's exactly what it has and will continue to be used for. It was a classic Cass Sunstein style trap.

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Tucker and Lemon could join forces.

"Tuck & Don"

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It was inevitable. Jewish power hated him and wanted him gone, and they pretty much always get what they want in the end. He should have ran for President. I wouldnt be surprised if part of the reason Trump was encouraged to run was to prevent Carlson from running.

Even if Carlson couldn't win the nomination in 2024, it would still be good for him to run if financially possible in order to keep his name and voice in the news and to reach people while he still has such a huge following, because from this point on he will be ignored and deplatformed by Jewish power, as all other major media is owned by Jews aside from Twitter, which isn't really a platform that suits Carlson.

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Don Lemon appears to be able to be persuaded. Like he is able to hold a conversation and think.

But I dunno.

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Mockingbird restructuring in progress...

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Tucker releases a statement after ousting:

Assuming he's genuine, I like that he acknowledges that both parties (Democrat/Republican) are the same and don't represent actual U.S interests.

He also raises points like demographic change or natural resources are not taken seriously/debated by the 2 parties either.

Of course, even with this type of messaging, the hard part is actually getting the masses to adopt it at the polls. We have previous examples like Jared Taylor saying the same thing for decades and even going on national TV about it. Or even Charles Murray presenting scientific data.

And yet the U.S continues to elect a mainstream Democrat or Republican President only.