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Of course. History has shown they always play both sides and therefore it's hard to lose.

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The elephant in the climate movement is population.

Our resource consumption is totally unsustainable, and they are missing half the equation when it comes to CO2. For example, there isn't anything wrong with cows, weve been eating them for millenia, the methane is only a problem when we have to have enough cows to feed the current population. Hence the promotion of new age cricket chow for the masses. We won't be returning to any agrarian lifestyle under the plans of these guys. Cricket farming is industrial work

I don't think either of these sides is your friend.

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You don't even KNOW any of this ( the current population level being unsustainable ). It's all hypotheses, models and whatnot. There isn't one shred of evidence that it's actually having any effect on the climate.

And as for "pollution" then obviously yes. But to say it's THE COMMON PEOPLE's fault, that is on hell of a giant stretch. Are the corporations trying to help? Nope. Are the guverments trying to help by banning disposables when other things would work? Nope!

It's all a sham. We could be 15 billion and still fine, although our tiny minds like to think we know and understand what that would mean. YES 15 billion under THE CURRENT PARADIGM would be hard on the planet. FOR SURE. I'm not denying that, but "hey let's kill off half the population" because THE CURRENT PARADIGM means corporations maximizing profits at the expense of the environment is having a bad effect is totally ass-backwards.

And even THEN, 25 years ago we would not have expected naturally-occurring new strains of bacteria eating plastic in the oceans' "great garbage patches", would we? That just demonstrates how little we know or understand.

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My point wasn't that half the people needs to be killed, it was more that the equation for this problem has two variables and we only focus on one.

Total pollution = average pollution * number of people

Yes the current paradigm of 'consoom more for growth' capitalism is one half of this problem. But many of the things we are doing also wouldn't be an issue were the population smaller

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Yeah, we could collectively be even stupider if we were fewer! That's the dream!!! Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates' dream!

Your equation is WAY too simplistic... Here's a better one:

Total pollution = ( average pollution - government intervention with corporations that pollute for profit - government rules to diminish individual pollution - anti-pollution technology ) * number of people

But yeah, fuck all these regulations and shit, let's just pollute then blame Joe Average.

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the methane is only a problem when we have to have enough cows to feed the current population

it's also because they feed them soy and corn which totally fucks ruminant digestive systems

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Not really. This seems like a red herring to me. They don't have a critical stake in this either way and likely play both sides, wanting to be SEEN as fighting climate change for PR purposes and because some of their Muslim enemies(and Russia) rely on fossil fuel profits for global clout, influence and military spending, but understanding that going too far could also hurt much of their near term wealth.

It's important not to recklessly blame Jews for things that are far fetched or don't make sense, and Jewish shills will of course aid in this and then highlight it in order to discredit critics. There is so much we know for sure they are largely responsible for, and for which a strong case can be made if not outright proven that there's no reason to add endless new conspiracies that only serve to muddy the waters and delegitimize accurate and provable criticism of them.

Traditionally it has primarily been big oil that funds climate change denial. I have to admit I haven't kept up on who owns what in terms of fossil fuel driven companies these days, but in the past it hasn't been something Jews dominated. Maybe that has changed in recent times as Jews seem to own just about everything of importance thanks to the massive transfer of wealth to Jewish hands starting during the Reagan years and accelerating massively under Bush Jr, but fossil fuels are a risky business because of the horrible optics, long term global damage they cause, and inevitably vanishing reserves, and Jews normally play the long game on things. I could be wrong and they could have a lot of hidden hands in fossil fuels, but if that's the case research it and then prove it, don't just blindly speculate.

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Denying climate change is asinine and retarded. Of course the climate changes. IT HAS ALWAYS CHANGED.

Anthropogenic climate change though? That's hubris. The climates of ALL THE PLANETS IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM is changing in concert. I wonder what could cause this?

Not that 10,000 times bigger than our planet ball of million-degree plasma at the center of the solar system, surely? Yeah the sun coughs and we have hurricanes... Humans need some perspective on their own importance.

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Anyone who takes the slightest glance at the predictions made by the climate alarmists will immediately realize that not a single one of their predicted outcomes has come to pass. It's all bullshit designed to create a complete communist dictatorship for all of humanity. These people are the very definition of evil.

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Do you think the whole climate change GLOBAL WARMING denial movement is funded and led by Jews?

The goal posts have already been moved to the opposite side of the field, and you didn't notice.

Seems like you're making accusations about certain groups that nobody is claiming.

Your astroturfing game needs work.

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Its led by u/diana

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please, don't let me take all the credit

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I remember pointing out last year that mass immigration can't be good for the planet. Gas guzzling Planes are used to transport millions of people living in the Third World and into the First World.

No Green or Liberal Politician has even tried to bring up this issue.