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Negroes are stupid. Facts!

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That whole thread was retarded. Same moron that was involved with that "2+2=5" nonsense.

Some replies

Then some pseudo-race realist chiming in


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It's been a while since I actually thought about the whole IQ thing.

What I don't get, if critics think Africa is actually on par with other nations (in intelligence) what is there to even show for it?

It's still one of the poorest places on Earth, while also being very dysfunctional and clearly violent. Africans are still getting on boats and desperately trying to move to other [White] countries just because of how much better they are.

At this point, they're just hurting themselves by denying simple observation. If Africans practiced eugenics and made selecting for higher IQ families a priority, then the situation would fix itself after a few generations.

Instead, they would rather fight this knowledge and ask for foreign handouts, which leads to a bigger population boom of dumb people being born. They'll never break out of this cycle...

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I also don't care about IQ tbh.

Even if my people had an average IQ of 70, I'd still fight for them, because they're my people.

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Even when white people go in and give them civilization, once they leave, everything breaks down.

And when they move to civilized countries, they break everything down there.

Their strong points are being racist, and dancing.

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What do you say of "IQ only measures how good you are at taking IQ tests?"

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It's bullshit because IQ is the best predictor of life outcomes there is. Better than SES.