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Consider why most parasites don't actually kill their host organism.

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^ this. The only way to be "in control" is to have a group that you exploit.

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So basically "The jews want to genocide the white race, so instead of killing everyone with a quick couple of wars they decided to wait an extremely long time."Got it!

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wait an extremely long time.

If the host dies so does the parasite

Not a perfect analogy but they lose most of their quality of life.

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I don't think it's so much jews control society, as much as it's their intrinsic in-group bias that has apparently destroyed civilizations from within. Italians are not really considered descedants of romans (probably a minority only), egyptians are not really descendants of ancient egyptians, these are all different groups of people, having mixed with many races as those empires transitioned out of existence. But many jews still consider themselves direct descendants of the tribe of israel. Their lineage is many thousands of years old, how did they accomplish this when every other group of people intermixes themselves out of existence? I think hitler saw this was happening to germany again, and he took an extreme approach that ultimately backfired, and now we can witness the end of germanic people in real time as they keep getting more and more intermixed out of existence. Hundreds of years in the future, germans will be of every color and race, while jews will still be protecting their lineage.

I believe this double standard explains most of the "conspiracy". I think people see them sticking together while at the same time condemning other groups doing the same. It really seems like jews will criticize everyone except themselves and then shame you when you try to. Regardless, I don't condone group hatred of any kind, and I don't care that some groups want to preserve their lineage, but it's wrong to demand people let go of their own culture and history while you preserve your own (some would call that racist, but that's another mess).

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Before 1945, Nationalism was still a powerful force. There was no denying White people their existence without massive upheaval. Even in places like Brazil or South Africa, Whites were still allowed their own communities despite being completely outnumbered by other racial groups.

But after 1945, this concept had been utterly dismantled. Starting with the Boomers, every generation had been brainwashed to look down on Whites and support replacing them. Whether through race mixing or immigration. This is where the Jews come in.

They infiltrated governments, schools, the media, and push this propaganda until all ethnic Europeans have been mixed out of existence.

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So what exactly changed between before and after 1945?Again jews could of pushed a fake holocaust before ww2 but didn't?Hell if were suppose to believe in tsar's russia then they could of legit said"6 million jews died by the tsar's hand"but didn't?

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Again jews could of pushed a fake holocaust before ww2 but didn't?

But the idea of race (specifically a White European one) was not controversial before 1945? That's the point.

The Holocaust is pushed in conjunction with Europeans not being allowed to assert themselves. And that only gained traction with Germany's loss at the end of the war.

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The answer is simple, they don't want to commit, and if it was too quick, everyone would know and non-whites would rebel against them. So they use the media and politics to promote their policies, create intrigues between whites and blacks, Christians and Muslims, and also to promote immigration and miscegenation from non-white countries to whites countries.

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Thousands of years?

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Narrative is that jews have hated whites since the romans destroyed their temple in the Rome-Jewish war.But they chose to wait until this century to kill all white people.

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Jews didn't control everything back then.

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    Non whites will refuse to be their slave.All this talk about how non whites are too retarded to know they're being used is a myth.Also if whites couldn't control non whites when we controlled them through colonialism then what makes you think non whites wont rebel against jews and jews will have complete control over them forver?

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    There are millions more poor people than rich people. Rich people can be wiped out at any monent. They just don't realize it until it's too late.

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    Why do you say you are not Jewish, but make another pro-Jew thread?

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    This is a complete non sequitor. Jews didn't control anything for most of their history. Not in their native homeland, and not in Europe, either. The Romans conquered Judea and ruled over it; when the Jews rebelled, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and their sacred temple. Then when Rome fell, the Byzantines continued to rule Judea. Then they were forced out by the Caliphate. So the Jews went from being subjects of Pagans, then Christians, then Muslims. A humiliating fate for 'gods chosen people'.

    Jews were not allowed to hold any positions of power in Rome, and this tradition continued in Medieval Europe. In fact, Jews were forced to live in Ghettos where they would not cause trouble. Christians had an adversarial attitude towards the Jews because they clung to the traditions of the Pharisees, which was ridiculed in the Bible as heretical. It was not until the Enlightenment that attitudes towards the Jews began to soften, with disastrous consequences for Europe. As they drifted away from Christianity, they forgot why the Jews were put in the Ghettos. Then, with the French revolution, the Jews were released from the Ghettos, free to spread chaos.

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    Very good synopsis of jewish history of power.

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    Nobody says they controlled "everything" for "thousands" of years. Another stupid child like strawman argument.

    They have wielded enormous power going back to the beginning of the Rothschilds multinational banking empire over 200 years ago, but not enough to just kill everybody you simple fuck. Since WW2 their power has grown exponentially though and we have entered a phase where there isn't much they can't get away with in the west. They still aren't powerful enough to simply kill every white person on earth, although there are likely some powerful ones who would do exactly that if they could. The danger is that eventually they will be that powerful, and in the periods and places they have achieved near total power in the past like early bolshevik Russia, communist Ukraine, and Palestine(now Israel and it's Palestinian "territories"), it's been a bloody nightmare for non Jews, and we are increasingly seeing hints of this in the US where they use their massive media power to incite violent mobs that rampage with impunity.

    As of right now they are powerful enough to successfully coerce the west into demographic suicide, and there is mountains of circumstantial evidence that is exactly what many of their most powerful and influential are up to. They are also powerful enough to pass laws in an ever growing number of countries making public criticism of them effectively illegal, while censoring, blacklisting, harassing and increasingly imprisoning critics, all while launching bloody proxy wars against nations they perceive as enemies.

    Obviously not ALL Jews do this, nor does it require some highly organized conspiracy. It simply requires a lot of highly ethnocentric and generally like minded ones with a lot of power, wealth and influence who don't even need to be told who their enemies are and what needs to be done to them. Add to that an untouchable highly militarized nuclear armed apartheid ethnostate to use as a base of operations, and it's safe to say the west and humanity as a whole is already in pretty deep shit right now.