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This is starting to sound more and more attractive...

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Vlad will give you a Svetlana with huge tits for free. What's not to like?

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I am happily married...

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A real man has concubines as well.

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Feels like a trap

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Historically speaking, it's not unusual for countries to try and attract certain people with incentives.

For example, Russia tried to do the same earlier with South African Farmers who wish to flee their nation's violence.

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Canada cancelled winter festivals in an attempt to alter the perception of the country to immigrants back in the day.

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Russia engages in this superficial critique of the West about homos and transgenders but on the issue of race, the most essential issue, they switch to Leftist propaganda about white supremacy and racism. Let me know when Russia attacks the liberal West for its ultimate degeneracy: its treasonous ruling class and ethnic warfare against its own historical populations.

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For all intents and purposes, Russia today is the nation that is the closest in ideology and functioning to that of Hitler's Germany in the mid-1930s.

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What's the job market even like in Russia for an American expat.

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Take this with a grain of salt, but I did learn some stuff from a [native] Russian youtuber.

From what he said, apartments/real estate is very dirt cheap in Russia. But once you leave the Moscow area, there are many areas that are third world or in shambles.

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I visited Russia (St. Petersburg) in 2016 and the city was quite nice. A clean city with high class architecture and beautiful White people everywhere. I've previously posted that outside of the cities are villages that resemble medieval villages in their atmosphere and construction, but that kind of lifestyle has a strong appeal to it as well. People aren't starving in these villages and the government provides support to families with children.

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I can believe that, but realistically you'd still need employment unless you're retiring to Russia, and I'd imagine anyone's pension would likely be at risk if US/Russia relations begin continue to worsen. My question still remains, what's the job market like for an expat over there?

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A lot of American expats become teachers. A decent middle class salary in Russia is $1200-$1500 a month, which you can make easily as a teacher. American expats don't live in poverty.

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The Culture WarsTM in the US are a goldmine for Russian propaganda.

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Not really considering they refuse to attack the West for its anti white propaganda and immigration replacement. Instead they attack the West for being racist.

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I hold that for all intents and purposes, Russia today is the nation that is the closest in ideology and functioning to that of Hitler's Germany in the mid-1930s.

Sure, Russia isn't as ethnically homogeneous as Germany was back then, but then again no place is except maybe some sub-saharan hellholes nobody wants to live in, but that's not the point.

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It's definitely encouraging that they do stuff like this, but then they turn around and fly hammer and sickle flags at public events, chimp out about Ukrainians being "reactionary nazis" and such, and continue to do nothing about the rather appalling leftovers of the USSR that drag their country down.

It's rather frustrating, but I hope Russia will continue improving and being a thorn in the side of globohomo, but there will be many opportunities in the coming years for that to be interrupted.

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Russias anti Nazi grandstanding is akin to boomer patriotism here in the U.S. Most Russians (like most people) aren't really political ideologues and just think "Russia Good" when they think of WW2 History.

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Fair enough, didn't consider that.