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Atheism almost always spirals into the anti-theist 'Cult of Reason' direction. We already have it in the modern day, where in much of Europe, Canada, and even in the US you get outright worship for a canonical understanding of science, and a condemnation of religion (particularly Christianity... gee, I wonder why???), and such condemnations are based purely on a lack of toeing the deranged line the atheists created.

Atheists will insist that theism is "silly superstition with no evidence" then turn around and say that men can magically transform into women by snipping their cock off, or that despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, race has no effect on behavior or culture or whatever-have-you. Those are things that are obviously objectively false, and provably so, whereas the existence of God is unprovable in the positive and the negative.

The truth is, no matter the prevailing religion or lack thereof, people will always be highly susceptible to propaganda, even that which is utterly ludicrous and laughable. That being said, religion is quite valuable still, as a population that has been taught from birth that "God, the supreme master, creator, and ruler of the universe said that [bad thing] is bad" is more likely to continue believing that, hence why "coincidentally" the rise of cosmopolitanism and degeneracy in the West followed closely alongside the decline of Christianity at the hands of social movements funded and sponsored by jews.

Also, a short aside about the abortion thing: does it really matter? Abortion will always mean that a huge number of White children are murdered, and while yes, many non-Whites will also be, that doesn't really solve anything, because there's already millions upon millions of them here, and more flood in through immigration and refugee acceptance. Even if America had almost no non-Whites, it would still be a ZOG, it would still be hostile to ethno-nationalism, traditionalism, et al. It's a red herring any way you slice it.

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As usual, a well thought out response and I agree with most of it.

I just refuse to believe that all of this, the earth, life, the universe, is all some sort of accident.

Abortion will always mean that a huge number of White children are murdered

Cost vs benefit. Normal white people typically don't get abortions. White girls who abort are usually:

1 - too young to raise a child

2 - pregnant by nigger (gross)

3 - rape or incest

4 - degenerate, idiot, slutbag loose booty

The only option in these scenarios besides abortion is adoption, but adopted kids turn out weird. In an ideal white society, degenerates would be sterilized, niggers would be separated, rape/incest would be extremely rare, and fertile females under 18 would be on mandatory birth control. These measures would make abortion obsolete.

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Nah, atheism feels a lot like being contrarian just for the sake of it.

It isn't exactly a rational position, as its primary contention that 'Gods do not exist', relies upon the assumption that humanity already understands everything that there is to understand about the universe or potentially multiverse. For the record, we aren't even a Type I civilisation on the Kardeshev scale yet and we know almost nothing about the universe.

I'm agnostic since the reality is that we don't know and can't know outside of blind faith whether god(s) or godlike being exist, or whether they don't. Currently searching for a European pagan religion that isn't pozzed.

My parents are Christians and I believe Christian universalism is completely cucked and played a big part in creating the framework that allowed jews to destroy our homelands. Christianity is not a religion for Europeans, that is the problem.

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It isn't exactly a rational position, as its primary contention that 'Gods do not exist', relies upon the assumption that humanity already understands everything that there is to understand about the universe or potentially multiverse.

It's the total reverse.

We don't know enough about the universe to assign it to some mythical being that no one has ever met or produced actual evidence of his existence.

If we're going to pretend that god is real because it's written in some ancient books, then we might as well believe in Santa Claus too because there's always cartoons made after him. Or what about all the other gods in history? Zeus? Thor? Horus? Do they all exist, even if they contradict each other?

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That's the point. We don't know enough to say whether the universe was deliberately created or whether it happened purely by accident or what. We don't know what lies beyond the barriers of the rapidly expanding universe. We don't understand the structure of a supposed multiverse if one exists. We don't know if other universes have different physical laws which might allow a godlike being to exist. We don't even understand the why and how of fundamental forces like gravity yet, only their effects. We cannot say whether gods exist, and we cannot say whether they don't with any scientific certainty.

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But who is "god" and why exactly is he being credited with the creation of everything? That's the part that is absolutely man made. We're not given any evidence of where this came from, other than from people's imaginations.

I also don't subscribe that without god the other explanation is "an accident". If the origin of life and everything in existence is a result of a math formula or chain reactions, then our natural simulation is behaving the way it should.

For example, a basketball that is idle on the ground is not an accident. Everything from gravity to its internal inertia explains why it doesn't move.

Ideally, me and just about every Atheist in the world would gladly accept the existence of a god if he/she actually revealed himself to us. There would be no reason to deny such a cosmic deity if it really did exist. But given that I can go everyday not worrying about myths like Santa or the Easter Bunny, then god clearly fits the same bill of "he could exist, but I have zero reason to care if we can't actually communicate with him".

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I think atheists haven't read the bible from a non-religious perspective.

It holds so many truths in it that if people adhered to it, we wouldn't be having these modern problems. And don't tell me you wouldn't prefer a Christian wife to start a family with.

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Atheist. But it wasn't born out of any edgy belief, but because I think religion has outlived its purpose and it's time we adopt something better.

Evolution & Natural Selection has taught us specifically our genes is what matters the most in life, and we need to focus on making our bodies more stronger/healthier and smarter to pass them onto the next generation and continue to conquer every frontier of the universe.

That's why the concept of a God or Gods is useless to me. If he exists, then he clearly doesn't care when one animal in history goes completely extinct (like the Dinosaurs).

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A tragic atheist, yes.

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Utilitarian conceptual deist