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Since the new millennium there has been an influx of Somali immigrants into the state's cities.

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Yes but it's a tiny amount and they can be deported through various ways

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You have an inductive reasoning bias but seem to be flying too close to the sun.

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I've been to Maine. It's a beautiful state, land is cheap, the towns are nice for the most part. Besides Portland not too much overt Marxist BS and who doesn't like lobster? besides (((a certain group))).

But there's a reason why Maine has such a low population: lack of job opportunities. You mention international trade but Maine doesn't have much to export besides some seafood, lumber, and a small shipbuilding industry located at the yards in Kittery and Bath. Unfortunately any new community would need to have some main source of income/employment, and the reasons why Maine isn't more populous to begin with are the same reasons why any venture of likeminded people moving there in droves would also be a non-starter.