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Alt Hype and Amren have lots of info on this

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Yup, Jared summarized it in 13 minutes.

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The quintessential book on the topic:

You can also try googling "bell curve debate" or "bell curve controversy" for more recent articles about this.

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Even if IQ tests did have 20% variation among the same participants, that doesn't mean that different groups of people have the same average IQ.

Think about two dices. One going from 1 to 6 and another going from 2 to 10. Both have very high variance, but the second have a much higher average.

He is just a very low iq individual.

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For example, one leftist I've encountered lately claims that IQ tests are bullshit in general because they have up to 20% variation among the same participants.

You don't have to listen to them. The results of IQ Tests always matches reality.

Asians (105), Whites (100), Blacks (85), Aboriginals (70)

Asian countries are very successful, followed by White countries. Every Black country is a failed state, and Aboriginals can't even make Fire.

Every other explanation has been debunked to death. Different groups of humans lived on their own continents for thousands of years.

If our skin color changed, then so could our most important part of our body: the skull which houses the brain.

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"Can't even make fire"

What a load of frogshit. They were way better than you at making fire out of whatever's at hand and can carry fire all day in their hair. They totally changed the dominant vegetation in Australia by their extensive reliance on fire to drive game toward hunters regardless of the downwind consequences.

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Even Homo Erectus could make fire. The "person" you replied to is a troll.

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Archeologists think Tasmanian abos lost fire.

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If you love Abos so much, then go live with them. Sleeping on roads isn't a sign of high IQ but you might enjoy it.

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You mean White, then asian.

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You mean White, then asian.

I don't.

Even if they're based on Elite samples, Asians still do better in school and have better life outcomes compared to other groups when you adjust for social background.

I see no reason to be afraid to admit this. In my own country that's similar to the U.S, I can walk in any Asian neighborhood and immediately see the high levels of success. For example, I never once saw a homeless Japanese person nor have they ever tried to mug me. By Canadian standards, they're almost always rich, away from prison and own their own property.

Edit: And using the liberal argument, Japanese Canadians were historically oppressed and thrown in camps during WW2. Yet after 1945, they didn't all just slump to the bottom and become some kind of burden. They still picked themselves up and pushed themselves harder than everyone else.

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I'm sorry. I should have been more specific. I meant that with regard to your comment about countries. White countries tend to be more successful, with the exception of china.

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IQ tests aren't total bullshit, but I think they have limited value and just give a sample of some overall cognitive function while having huge gaps that include much harder to test for and more abstract abilities.

In terms of race, it doesn't really matter what the data shows. Data which conflicts with the establishment narrative is simply censored, suppressed, manipulated, memory holed, and it's authors blacklisted. Some of this manipulation comes from the so called right, but not always in the manner shitlibs pretend.

Ultimately though it doesn't even matter much what differences exist. I think most races are roughly equivalent with a couple outliers on both ends, including one serious outlier on the low end, but there are many subtle but crucial differences that IQ tests probably barely touch on or are completely blind to.

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I've seen Mensa members with sky high IQ talk like they didn't understand shit about shit. People forget that being great at one thing doesn't really make you great. Human reality is 8 dimensional and IQ is only one of those.

IQ is heavily influenced by training. If you take an idiot and force them to play and study chess 8 hours a day for 10 years. They'll score super high on an IQ test. Yes some will require less training and have higher potential but environment and stimuli can still make or break a persons IQ.

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This is all wrong. Literally nonsense.

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If you take an idiot and force them to play and study chess 8 hours a day for 10 years. They'll score super high on an IQ test.

Bull. Shit.

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study chess 8 hours a day for 10 years

That is crystallized intelligence. IQ tests measure your fluid intelligence relative to other people along with a minor crystallized component in verbal intelligence (VCI) WAIS-IV.

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What do you think of "IQ only measures how good you are at taking IQ tests"? Probably the most common response elicited.

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