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According to AOC et al, we're down to ten years before Earth turns into Venus, so it doesn't matter.

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AOC is an obvious troll.

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The tusks are the clear giveaway

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It's a great opportunity.

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What do you think of a potential future climate refugee crisis?

It will immediately trigger a world war.

There's a homeless crisis in my country because we literally don't have enough houses and rental apartments are going for $2000/month everywhere.

Dumping a billion more people on our borders would not just skyrocket this demand, it would also exhaust every other resource in our country.

Schools, Hospitals, Welfare, Food Banks would be overwhelmed beyond capacity, it would become a total bloodbath just trying to protect your shelter.

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How do you think this should be handled?

Can't properly answer this question because of sitewide rules, but I will say we should handle it how Israel would. Welcome brother and shalom.

Do you think it will occur?


Do you think there are things a nationalist government could do to help reduce the impact of the climate crisis on the non White nation?

Unlikely to put a dent. Most of these people will come from failed states that we can't fix.

Would you emphasize with the climate refugees at all

No. We are better off without these people.

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The entire thing is a hoax. I almost feel sorry for those who believe it, but they are beyond help.

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Yes it is predictive programming so that when they start mass importing blacks under the pretense of "climate crisis" people wont react.