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Why are you cooperating with the Jews in redefining semite to mean Jew? There are a lot of 'Semites', not limited to Palestinians, Syrians, and Arabs. Ironically groups that the Jews hate. Jews use this term to obfuscate reality and marginalize people who likely are not referring generally to speakers of Semitic languages, but Jews in particular.

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I pay particular attention to terms and their etymology, but that (redefining antisemite) was not the point I was trying to make. I wanted to draw a distinction between the worst and best kinds of anti-Jewish attitudes. Besides, the term's exploitation didn't prevent Hitler from identifying as an anti-Semite.

I'm well aware that Jews aren't the only Semites. Why, Savitri Devi once pointed out to George Lincoln Rockwell that most Semitic races were merely subdivisions of whites. She found a problem with his usage of "Christian white people", arguing that it'd furnish Jews with an opportunity to identify as whites and call Aryans out for it. Indeed, it was popular in the early 20th century to conceive of "white Jews" or "good Jews", which drew the ire of Goebbels in the work Nazi-Sozi, in response to the questions: isn't anti-Semitism passe? Aren't the Jews human beings too? Aren't there also white Jews?"

His answer to the third question was:

Certainly there are also white Jews. And there are more of them every day. But that's no argument in their favor, but rather against them. The very fact that we call scoundrels among us white Jews is proof that being a Jew is something inferior; otherwise, one would call deceitful Jews yellow Christians! That there are so many white Jews proves that the subversive Jewish spirit has already contaminated large numbers of our people.

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Anti-semite and anti-Jewish are opposites though. If you are an anti-semite (anti-Palestinian, anti-Syrian for examples) then you are likely a pro-Jewish. But if you are anti-Jewish, you are likely a pro-semite.

This is what those terms mean. If you are going to obfuscate language and destroy the meaning of words, you are no better than the Ministry of Truth in 1984. And as Phooey states, you are on the side of the Jews who relish doing this. So please stop.

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interesting, thanks.

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Thanks for checking it out.