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Ctrl + f Jews

Hmm. Nothing comes up. No thanks. I'll stick with NJP.

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This. NJP is also more established and seems to have a larger following, and doesn't list a bunch of failures and Jewish puppets as inspiration.

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this just looks like a communist party. nothing about race or nature.

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nothing about race or nature.


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"based if true"

edit: nah this is leftist entryism, literally eulogizing the nigger terrorists ffs

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Isn't this the party by the guy who previously created the Neo-Nazi "Traditionalist Workers Party"? He seems to have become one of those rare Tankie types who idolize the USSR for its fascist characteristics and pretend that that is what represents true Marxism.

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It's Heimbach, Zoltanous and a bunch of other weirdos who used to be 'Dissident Right' and who, one by one, unable to popularize their own ideas and desperate to find a way forward, began to take the crude joke of National Bolshevism seriously. I've thought about writing an article against this moronic ideology, but I don't think these people pose a genuine threat to warrant the time. Nevertheless, I already know much of what I would write. One obvious point to make in such an article is that their beloved Lenin himself explicitly condemned this idea. Another is that the original National Bolsheviks weren't nationalists at all (indeed, one of the two founders was even Jewish): they simply saw that nationalism was popular in the Weimar Republic and decided that it was good strategy to co-opt certain popular nationalist talking points about how badly done Germany was by the Versailles treaty and France's invasion of the Ruhr, and perhaps a few other things. That was it. The KPD would have none of it and expelled both men immediately, they then joined an even more radical group, the KAPD, and were swiftly expelled from there for the same reason. From there they drifted into obscurity.

If I had to rank agreements and disagreements while skimming through this pathetic 'platform' (which is practically a manifesto and of no use to anyone who just wants the gist of their ideas), I'd probably say I might 'support' their stance on ten and don't care for their stance on the other fifteen. I suspect that if I spent more time reading it, I'd assign more to the "don't care" category and possibly some into an 'oppose' category.

I think it's clear what's going on here: some of these people (particularly Zoltanous) are known degenerates, are struggling with it, and this 'platform' is simply a schizophrenic output of these inner struggles, which they're losing, which is why they're succumbing to accepting some incredibly stupid fragments of ideology, e.g. racial egalitarianism. Since sociocultural Leftism remains a bit too much for enough of them, and economic Leftism comes off as being less obnoxious by comparison, it's natural for economic Leftism to seep in to 'Far-Right' ideology first, with the sociocultural Leftism coming along later, piggybacking in on many of the same arguments that they've already accepted, especially in on those already made in favour of economic and racial equality. They'll accept sociocultural Leftism for at least two reasons: a) as they squirm about trying to increase their support base and are unable to popularize their social conservatism and cultural nationalism, in part because of the lack of charisma of people like Heimbach, to Leftists, they'll see it as necessary to simply give up on it and; b) as the more extreme degeneracy of the future makes the degeneracy of the 2020s less insufferable in comparison.

Any attempt to synthesize elements of the 'Far-Right' with the degenerate pseudoscience of Marxism is pointless. The genuine 'Far-Right' of the time knew it. Lenin and other Marxist bigwigs knew it, which poses to this lot a massive problem if and when they're confronted with the relevant quotes. Few neo-Marxists want anything to do with people with backgrounds like Heimbach (no matter how much his view has changed, he's already irredeemably tainted in their eyes); practically no one who is genuinely 'Far-Right' wants anything to do with this ideology masquerading as a science or its contemporary adherents either.

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Why do you hate the poor so much?