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Giving it a read, of course it's passively aggressive Anti White (Where does he say he's Jewish though). However I do think there is some basis to his arguments in regards to how the legacy of oppression impacted the African American population and lack of ability to accumulate inter-generational wealth. To be clear the average White does not owe them anything and I'd say a portion of their people's issues in modern times are some of their own failings. White Americans still have a right to self advocate and remain the racial majority of the US. He does present several sources and unless you have counter arguments to refute then it does back up his assertions.

I personally have a better opinion of African Americans than the average users here, the main way the enemy (lead mainly by race traitors and elite Jews) uses them as propaganda to demonize White American self advocacy and racial identity and pride, thanks to liberal America's cancerous sphere of influence this is seeped to other White nations in particular the anglosphere nations. African American criminality or rioting doesn't bother too much either as most of the crime is in the cities where it's mainly other African Americans being impacted or race traitor Whites. The criminality is to be honest valuable propaganda for our cause and diminishing the enemies propaganda. I think any European nationalists or anglosphere White nationalists should be truly, truly, truly grateful their ancestors never imported a slave population and ensure that what ever movement they are part includes getting their nation out of the cancerous sphere of influence of modern America.