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There's no relation between Christianity and Race Realism. "Equal under God" and "equal" are two vastly different things. Conservatives deny race exists/deny it has any genetic consequences because they've been told to. They're controlled opposition, knowingly or not.

And, I'd like to point out two very glaring issues here: Firstly, if Christianity is such a "liberal" and "race denying" faith then why was one of the first orders of business among the Spaniards in the 1500s creating a race-based caste system in their colonies? I could likewise draw a number of similar examples from across Europe and the world at large. Secondly, many pagan religions of ages past, and their modern incarnations especially, have equally unclear or non-existent stances on race.

I think the fact that societies, regardless of religion, almost always tended to separate racially and such was treated as normal until very recently should tell you that religion in general, much less Christianity specifically, has little bearing on this subject, and that it is a political/societal issue.

As for the story you shared about the conservative disowning Lauren Chen, such behavior is expected from conservatives. Even in the US, where conservatives do at least often hold some slightly conservative opinions unlike "conservatives" elsewhere, conservatives are spineless cucks that allow leftist filth to use them as doormats and degrade society as they see fit. The fact that conservatives are only ever confrontational (or publicly put on the façade of confrontation, anyway) about things that either don't matter or are openly negative for Whites is to blame for many of the issues we see today.

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You have to remember the entire western zeitgeist since the end of the Second World War is constructed around the idea that white racial awareness is the root of all evil. Anyone living in the west, Christian or not, has to do a lot of work to see through all the bullshit found in the most commonly taught understandings of modern history.

Nietzsche might have been right in his assessment that God's reign over western consciousness was "dead" but Satan was sure replaced in the post-war world by Hitler and other historical "racist" strawmen.

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Or is it just because they are just so desperate to not be called racist by liberals?

That's because of Christianity.

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No, it's more of just the general brainwashing from media and the education system

Certain Christian groups in the US are a problem to Whites no doubt like Lutherans in Minnesota but they aren't doing the damage that Jews are doing