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It appears a deal has been reached. Wagner is going to withdraw and in exchange Putin is going to remove some people at the ministry of defense.

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This incident almost looks staged. Its possible Putin and Prigozhin had planned this 'rebellion' beforehand, as a way to clean house.

The Russians bungled the invasion of Ukraine last year. They were supposed to capture Kiev in a fast operation and collapse the Ukrainian government, and then partition it into a rump state. The Generals obviously underestimated the resolve of the Ukrainians and didn't adequately prepare their own forces. The conflict bogged down into positional warfare, and the Russian performance has been mediocre. Their tactics are uninspired, mainly relying on their artillery to pulverise the Ukrainians. Recruitment drives have been disappointing, too.

Prigozhin was sharply criticising the Russian generals for their incompetence, and Putin must have agreed with him (even if he said nothing publicly). As the leader of the Wagner PMC group, he was able to achieve results that eluded the Russian military. Wagner recruited prisoners into their ranks and used them in human wave attacks; these tactics were brutal, but effective. Prigozhin was able to capture the fortress of Bakhmut after months of fighting. His criticisms of the generals carried weight.

Part of the deal that was reached with Prigozhin was reforms to the Russian military, and Wagner PMCs being offered contracts from the military. This was something that Putin must have wanted, but was unable to achieve on his own. If he tried to clear the Russian military of all the dead wood, they would have turned against him, and launched an actual coup (not this staged 'rebellion').

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Thats an interesting theory. Russia is going to have to go on the offensive at some point in the future if they want to end this war. Sitting on the defensive forever and dragging this conflict out is not a winning strategy. They need to go after the Ukrainian leadership.

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isn't dailystormer like stormfront and breitbart jewish propaganda?

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I didn't link DS. I linked a twitter post.

I'll bite though.

DailyStormer is run by Andrew Anglin. I'm sure you know who that is. Anglin is not a Jew or a Jewish propaganda outlet to my knowledge.

Stormfront is a very old white nationalist message board. Storm front has thousands of articles and discussions about Jewish influence on western society. Seems legit to me (although I don't really use the site much). If storm front is Jewish propaganda I'd be interesting in hearing out what Jews have to gain in running a site that analyzes and exposes Jewish crimes through history. Why would jews run a website that exposes the holocaust money laundering scheme and looks at the real history behind banking, and the two world wars?

Breitbart is absolutely Jewish propaganda. It started the career of Ben Shapiro and Milo. Breitbart doesn't name the Jew. Breitbart is essentially a standard controlled opposition RINO rag that is pro LGBT, pro Israel and pro Jew.

Dailystormer and stormfront are very different than breitbart.

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I don't know about dailystormer, which is why I asked, but I am almost 100% certain that stormfront is jewish controlled.
On, the jidf moderators ban everything and the jidf are very active in comment sections.
What they do is that they call everyone with our views "stormfags" or similar words, they are driving everyone purposefully to stormfront. Why?

I never see anyone in our spheres pushing stormfront. Only ever jews. It was the same experience with Qanon I had. Never anyone here, but always jews or jewish media pushing Qanon.
"Negative PR is still PR"

Why would jews run a website that exposes the holocaust money laundering scheme and looks at the real history behind banking, and the two world wars?

They play all sides. Look at LibsOfTikTok. They ban everyone so that she, a jew, can take up the space in the vacuum created.
Better have an enemy you control. This way their enemies get an outlet but only one that is fully controlled by them.

They did the same on voat. Created alternative subs, then ruined the main subs so everyone joined their subs. They even created a free speech sub that would "sanction" their own subs as free speech subs, while they attacked the subs they didn't control, so the mods of those subs had to create stricter rules, which made people leave those subs etc.

The jews do these subversive things.

Edit: I don't have proof of stormfront being jewish, but my intuition says that this is the case. I will admit my mistake if I am wrong.

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What they do is that they call everyone with our views "stormfags" or similar words, they are driving everyone purposefully to stormfront. Why?

I think the JIDF trolls on the maga boards are playing a few different games. They don't want the fairly large MAGA voter base becoming aware of the issues talked about in the alt right/dissident space. They don't want Trump conservativism, which is pro israel and civic nationalist, to become anti Israel and ethnic nationalist. The way they do that is to stigmatize anyone with dissident views as nazis (whether or not they are 'soft' or 'hard' in their messaging). If they can label you a stormfront neo nazi they can go after your job, they can get your wife to leave you, they can get businesses or schools to stop serving you. This scares a lot of conservatives because many of them own or work for small businesses that don't want to get crushed by some type of social cancel culture attack. 'Stormfag' is a lead attack term because Stormfront is a pre alt right internet board. It was a hardcore white nationalist board when it appeared on the scene. They didn't soft sell race realism, JQ, or anything else. They were unapologetic and uncouth (so was daily stormer when it first appeared; anglin has softened the site a bit). When the alt right came along they took most of the same topics discussed on stormfront and made them a little softer and more appealing to younger people and leftists. That scared Jews as well which is why they came down on the unite the right protest so hard. I think that jew trolls on conservative sites just bring up stormfront because stormfront is aggressive not necessarily because storm from is deeply controlled by Jews.

I never see anyone in our spheres pushing stormfront.

I think that's just because you and I both live in the alt right 'soft sell' race realism space. I'm sure if you started exploring OG white nationalist circles you come in contact with more aggressive types. Are some of these aggressive white nationalists jews and feds planted to make nationalism look unappealing? Absolutely, but I don't think they all are. In fact you bring up a good point that stromfront might have been over the top on purpose. I'd really have to research it more. Personally though I've read the Dailystormer for years and I don't think Anglin writes the way he does to make the space look bad. He does it for attention that's for sure but he seems genuine to me in his desire to get the good word out.

They play all sides. Look at LibsOfTikTok. They ban everyone so that she, a jew, can take up the space in the vacuum created.

This is very true.

They even created a free speech sub that would "sanction" their own subs as free speech subs, while they attacked the subs they didn't control, so the mods of those subs had to create stricter rules, which made people leave those subs etc.

I've seen these things as well. Remember though that storm front is not a sub or tick tock account. It's an old message board. White nationalists in the 90's didn't have the same type of pressures on them that white nationalists do today. There was more free speech in the 90's so people didn't have to be so tactful in their communication.

One thing I like to remind dissidents about is to be aware that ALL of our spaces are fed and jew infiltrated. It just goes with the territory. They aren't all totally controlled by Jews though. There's a big difference between infiltrated and dominated/controlled. Spies is just part of politics; we've got to get use to them and push forward with spreading our message and recruiting more genuine normal folk to the cause.

I will admit my mistake if I am wrong.

I'm not saying you're wrong. I can't really speak since I'm not a long term visitor; but I can speak to anglin's site which I think it legit.

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Always appreciate (pun intended) your inputs. Thanks

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No problem. I found a screenshot related to our discussion.

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Yes, indeed. They do this and it is effective.

People say arguing from logos is good but patos and etos shouldn't be discarded.

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Yes. Dailystormer had a Jewish programmer working for them.

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Yes, that makes more sense. Anybody who thinks Putin can't play chess is SERIOUSLY deluded.

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The Russian forces DID get to Kiev, and then there was a SIGNED peace agreement proposal by the Ukrainian administration, and that is why the Russians withdrew. They never honored it of course, so then they had to get back in there. The Russian generals wanted to go in there all shock and awe, but Putin wanted to avoid there being opportunities for war crimes or even allegations to that effect, choosing instead to go with a more surgical approach, using the Wagner group. I agree with this approach.

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there was a SIGNED peace agreement proposal by the Ukrainian administration

And you have proof of this?

but Putin wanted to avoid there being opportunities for war crimes or even allegations to that effect

If that is true, then it was a very poor decision on Putins part. It meant forgoing a chance to end the war quickly on Russian terms, leading to the long drawn out war we see now, where the Russians are still accused of war crimes.

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He knows what happened to the righteous cause of Nazi Germany...

And yes, Putin himself showed the proposal and the initials at the bottom, on video.

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Worked out pretty good for Putin in the end. PRIGOZHIN loses his private army and gets banished to Belarus. So he got rid of another powerful subversive Jew oligarch. The Russian defense ministry gains control over Wagner, and the neocons got their hopes raised and then smashed. Putin is now in an even stronger position.

I'm not really understanding why the OP thought a coup in Russia would have been a good thing. That is exactly what the neocons have wanted all along.

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Putin is a conservative that persecutes and murders racialists and nationalists in favor of muh multiculti empire. Don't be fooled by his church larp

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Putin is a Russian nationalist. Period. Jewish power hates non Jewish nationalists of any kind, aside from maybe black nationalists and hispanic nationalists living in majority white countries. That's why they desperately want him gone. If by some miracle this wagner oligarch had succeeded in ousting Putin with his likely CIA backed coup attempt, he would have lasted in power for all of a few months before he was replaced by western backed Jewish oligarchs, if he lasted even that long. They want ANYONE but Putin because anyone else would be weaker and less effective in opposing their clownworld bullshit, and they freely admit this.

By the way, this Wagner coup or whatever u call it had next to zero chance of succeeding anyway. They would have been bombed and shelled into oblivion before they could reach Moscow, and if what was left of them actually made it there would have had no real popular support and the Russian regime would have just temporarily moved elsewhere before Wagner were rounded up and dealt with.

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Agreed. He also loves Chabad and grew up surrounded by Jews.

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Thanks for being the only one in agreement, Jesus. Maybe I'll considering repenting.

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Update: Total nothingburger. Wagner has agreed to turn back (from Moscow).

Told you there was no coup.

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    his jewish ancestry really complicates things but the current russian leadership is retarded and something needs to crack

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      what makes you think putin is the better actor here? he jails and murders white advocates.

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        I'm not Christian lol.

        By Goddess I hope you refer to Kali/Shakthi or a European equivalent and not some Satanic bs

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          eh at least he's not worshipping lilith lmao

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            It’s pretty obvious that you are a female attempting to spread influences.

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            So what? The mongoloid Putin unlike our blue-eyed Evropean leaders like Macron, Schoulz, Leyen and co doesn't stand against Europeans. The reason if Putin kills muh white advocates it's because Russia unlike Europe is a diverse and multicultural nation who fought against fascism. Reminder: Russians sees fascism different from us europeans, Russians might be against their idea of what fascism is, but they are right-wing and nationalistic

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            Sure Russia has many cultures & race, yet White Slavic Russians are clearly in control . The nation (unlike the USSR) was built by and for White Slavic Russians. Tartars, Mongols, Ossetian etc have their reservations or “autonomous republics”.

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            Why does something need to crack? The Russians are in the drivers seat in ukraine. The so called spring offensive was a total disaster for Ukraine and some are saying their army is on the verge of collapse.

            This wagner weirdo has no military background apparently, hes just some rich jew that bought an army, which is why he cant keep his trap shut for one second.

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            Can you provide evidence about his Jewish ancestry please?

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            Honestly, this is why I can't the Ukraine War seriously.

            Everywhere you look, it's Jews fighting Jews.

            I'm convinced it's all a big money laundering operation. Ukraine drains the West, and Russia drains the Third World.

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            Everywhere you look, it's Jews fighting Jews.

            Except Jews aren't doing the actual fighting and dying. Slavs are.

            I'm convinced it's all a big money laundering operation.

            I mean this pretty well describes organized Jewry. It's like this big international mafia, except this mafia has nuclear weapons, their own apartheid ethnostate, and in most of the west controls the banks, media, courts, politicians, and elite academia, all through leverage. Just like not every sicilian is in the mafia, not every Jew is either, but at some point they might be called on to do some favors for the tribe, and a good portion never need to be asked.

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            Synecdoche. That's the word! "Jews do this..."

            "But it's not all Jews..."

            Yeah, I know, I'm using a synecdoche.

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            'Fighting' or pitting Slavs against each other to build Heavenly Jerusalem (search Gekko and the Heavenly Jerusalem project).

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            Cheers mate. I don’t understand the full situation but he sounds like he’s just another Jewish oligarch. Putin cleared out most of them in the early 2,000’s but clearly too many remain in power.

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            Wagner has at most 50,000 soldiers against Russia's 1 million.

            A coup is not happening. This is closer to a mutiny.

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            Coups don't require overwhelming numbers. Not saying this will be successful though it's too early

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            Edit: Going by history, a coup against a modern superpower has generally failed.


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            Let us hope that the scenario of Civil War w/ thousands of nuclear warheads disappearing into mercenary hands can be avoided.

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            And yet that is actually what the neocons are attempting to bring about.

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            ...the neocons are trying to bring about the endgame of the turner diaries...indeed

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            WTF is going on?