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Wow @ that clock.

But doesn't Canada still have a higher white % than France?

I don't think 40% of Canadian babies are nonwhite. Also, that Pewresearch poll shows over 70% of Canadians still believe affairs are wrong unlike the French.

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My next point is how the French population cannot even elect Le Pen.

You have to understand that, following the collapse of the Third and Fourth republics, the current French system was literally designed to be as moderate, robust, static and unshakeable as possible. The French presidential election favours the victory of the least unpopular and least controversial candidate, not the victory of the most popular candidate. Zemmour and Le Pen actually had more support than Macron in the first round of the election, but the second round put all leftist and liberal forces against Le Pen. And France, of course, has a presidential political system as well.

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So French will never be able to elect Le Pen, Zemmour, or other "extreme" candidates? Bruh.

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I can't say for sure. I suspect that the next 20 years will be decisive. If they can't achieve anything by 2045, I think they'd need to rely on an entirely different strategy.

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    I disagree. But I suppose only time will tell how things will go.

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    France has relevant people with mainstream media presence openly talking about "race war", in these exact terms. Shitlib Macron might actually have the balls to send in the army to smash the brown cockroaches vandalizing their public areas.

    Britain meanwhile is under the yoke of a Judeo-Brahmin mafia and is literally governed by a Brown dwarf, who is the head of the furthest right political party they have. Britain is unequivocally worse off than France, also when it comes to miscegenation, which is calamitous circumnstance in England. England has become a dark, satanic mill which sucks vulnerable, single Eastern European women from their homogeneously white homelands into afroislamic ghettoes and makes them breed with negroes and asiatics only to subsequently deport them back to their home countries w/ their mongrel children, thus polluting the previously pure bloodline. England is literally a machine which sucks in youthful, blonde-haired, blue eyed polish girls in the springtime of their fertility and spits out gloomy mulatto thugs and wh*res into continental Europe non-stop.

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    Is there any evidence that eastern European women are race mixing with non Whites in the UK?

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    Is Sunak that short?

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    He's like 5'6/170cm

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    170cm is 5'7". I'm 171cm. It's short, but not that short.

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    France has the strongest nationalist movement in the entire Western world.