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The collapse of GAE.

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I think they'll rig it in Trump's favor then use him to institute reforms that will totally and permanently quash dissent when he's out of office.

All of these reforms will significantly help future regimes to politicize the System at all levels, and will significantly backfire on the people who supported Trump once he's out. But it's inevitable anyway so I'd say Trump is the best outcome from an accelerationist standpoint

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Either Trump being imprisoned or disqualified before the election, or winning but being disqualified or imprisoned at that point. Whatever makes majority of American become more hostile to the system.

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Hail Modi!

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Suspicious Biden victory attendant with election night repression of election "deniers". Planned US declaration of war with Russia falls on Biden and Democrats. Atlanticists can't shift weight back over to GOP. GOP becomes incoherent as it tries to rally base to sign up to fight Democrat war. GOP becomes irrelevant and withers away. White people, bereft of the illusion of representation, become radicalized by jewish abuses, which intensify in the unchecked void left by the collapse of GOP-oriented Conservativism.