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    Nasser is an insult to the real Gamal Abdel Nasser who was based

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    Changing the subject: nigger hair seems much closer to ape hair than human hair. Why is that?

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    The only "nukes to the foot for the cause of White advocacy" is the fact that kikes control almost all institutions, including the media.

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    How much publicity will this story get, while the YouTube video was removed for when a white police officer saved a black child. If you want to see the video:

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    "that shouldn't be condoned anyway"

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    Between 2013 and 2021 white mass shooters were responsible for about 1079 deaths. In 2020 blacks were responsible for the deaths of about 500 whites. That means that blacks kill as many whites in 2 years as white mass shooters in 8 (and without even taking the race of the victims into account for the latter).

    I echo the sentiments of the other people who replied to you, your logic is wrong and plays into leftist narratives, if not outright shilling/bad faith. The black-on-white homicide rate is so astronomically larger than the reverse that anyone who tries to talk to you about white mass shooters as a serious issue without addressing the black crime rate is either brainwashed and ignorant, or operating in bad faith.

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    OP is a leftist troll known as Salos. He was banned numerous times, but keeps coming back. This is another one of his classic concern troll posts.

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      It has no salience to "our side". It's just one of dozens of shootings which occurred that weekend.

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      MrHuman is one of your alts. Why did you switch?

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      I know what you mean and it's a good counter in a debate regarding this topic however my point still stands that this shit is a nuke in the foot for the cause of White advocacy and nationalism. There isn't really much a pro White movement or forum can do about it either, the type responsible are usually unhinged and mentally ill and that's one of the ways America's lenient gun laws and culture fuck over the movement there and due to America's influence harms pro White causes in the rest of the world.

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        I haven't heard of that incident, can you send a link?

        Ignoring the news is stupid and foolish.

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        Obvious troll is obvious.

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        And a zog judge recently sent a 16 year old White girl to prison for 40 years for killing a nigger in self defense

        So I don't really care anymore

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        If she was a man she'd have gotten life without parole.

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        Can't read it.

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        Just three is kind of a low number to sacrifice your life for. Just saying….

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        3 is too many and we should be fortunate it's that a low a death toll as it will get less attention and propaganda value due to how desensitized modern US is to mass shootings.

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        Why do you pretend to be a British actress? What mental illness causes this?

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        The same white lettering on that evil 'ar 15' 'assault style' weapon. A calling card of a fed operation.

        Nasser you're on warning for concern trolling. You don't seem interesting in the realities of psychological operations created by the weimar america cartel. White nationalists aren't responsible for this shooting. If ethnic advocacy organizations lost credibility everytime one of their race did something heinous why aren't you and media chastising blacks and Arabs for their bad behavior? You're carefully framing this poorly and you seem to be arguing in bad faith.

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        I'm not blaming White nationalism at all, I stated that in the post. I know the hypocrisy with how enemy exploits this while ignores non White criminality and we should exploit those incidents as much as possible as well as the hypocrisy. My motivation for posting this was to make users aware, the discourse for the few days after events like this is going to be firmly against Whites. Say a White nationalist movement did a protest or march in the immediate aftermath, it would be leave a bad taste in the normie White persons mouth as they would see it as disrespectful and tie what the march is about to the shooting.

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        It's an utterly negligible occurrence you should impart no attention to.

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          This is the kind of shit here that leads to these kind of atrocities. Being randomly killed when you are just living your life day to day is horrific. You do not know the victims, their viewpoints or behaviour. Consider how catastrophic this shit is for the cause of White advocacy ( I know you don't care about that being Indian but whatever), the enemy has free reign to use this to demonize our cause, justify censorship, suppression and crackdowns. How do you think any moderate or conservative White ( the type we need to appeal to) is going to react to this?

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          the enemy has free reign to use this to demonize our cause, justify censorship, suppression and crackdowns

          They actively suppress knowledge of these shootings because they know millions will sympathize with and support these actions, and a significant number will be inspired by it. Literally zero normies in america have known any white shooting besides kyle rittenhouse, and maybe in aus/nz christchurch will be more well known.

          How do you think any moderate or conservative White ( the type we need to appeal to) is going to react to this?

          They just care about money and lifestyle, it wasn't that long ago that they shared these views but abandoned them when it was clear the System would no longer support that. Appealing to their current selves rather than working to create an environment where they would revert is retarded.