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It's really hard to tell. In war both sides will regularly make such claims against their enemies with no evidence and when the war is over history books will claim that the winner's claims are true. It happens in every single war.

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Shit happens during war but considering the Germans very harshly punished such behavior elsewhere (usually, anyway), I would assume this is either propaganda or happened due to a breakdown of discipline/leadership due to the circumstances (or a mix of the two)

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We know that rape is typical behavior of a certain tribe... Honestly, i don't think the Nazis did this during WWII. I believe this is propaganda that we are used to seeing around, and on the ACKNOWLEDGMENTS page we can see some people who contributed and served as inspiration to the article, in a quick search i saw some Jews and one who works for a Holocaust institute.

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There were probably a lot of war crimes on all sides but I'm more sympathetic towards the Germans. Just look at how they treated the French during those times. I'm very skeptical about the horror stories and I'm sure the Soviets made a lot of it up to cover their own crimes.