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It would be ironic if the Muslim migration pushed by the Zionists ultimately led to Muslim Europe destroying Israel.

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Considering that the large number of Muslim countries which exist now haven't managed it I see no reason a Muslim Europe would. Islam breeds corruption and incompetence.

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muslims are too dumb to succeed in modern warfare. unless they just drop a couple nukes and kill everyone there.

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Seems like a globbalist jew vs religious Jew conflict. The globbalist Jews want BB out of power. The religious jews want a US vs Iran conflict.

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Netanyahus government is a house of cards that could collapse if things get out of hand. Bibi has built an unstable coalition government, and relys on the Haredi as his voting block. The Ultra-Orthodox Jews are a major problem in their own right. The Haredi are bums who live off of Israeli welfare checks and refuse to serve in the IDF; but they have a high fertility rate and are outbreeding the atheist Jews.

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I think a world war would mean the super powers are in conflict, USA, Russia, China. Europe on the USA side. I think we'll have more proxy wars in the mid east coming up soon. We'll see, I won't say it's impossible.

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If Lebano and other mid east countries join the war, then us would interven too as far as i've read.

If that was the case, it would be matter of time before Iran and maybe China join this conflict too.

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I'm sure they would but it would be like how USA invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and that wasn't a world war. These muslim countries are not real threats. We're already in a proxy war with Russia but we shall see with China. Chuck Schumer was just over in China making deals to get them to support israel. I think Hamas made a mistake in that one of the hostages they took was a young woman that was part chinese.

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We're already in a proxy war with Russia but we shall see with China.

There was always a proxy war with China. It's called North Korea.

China also doesn't recognize Taiwan and claims the island.

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that korean war ended a while ago. It's true they have support from china but it's not like we're actively fighting them over it. Taiwan is the thing I might be worried about where China might invade them but I'm not sure we'd go to war over that even though we threaten to. There have been many theories as to why China has never invaded them or why they're such an important small island. One theory is there are ancient chinese artifacts on the island that they would destroy if China dared to invade.

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that korean war ended a while ago.

It never ended.

On July 27, 1953, North Korea, China, and the United States signed an armistice agreement. South Korea, however, objected to the continued division of Korea and did not agree to the armistice or sign a formal peace treaty. So while the fighting ended, technically the war never did.

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what is this source of this quote here. it's clearly ended. If North Korea wants to restart it, and they have often tested out missiles to threaten this, they could. Would be a bad idea, but they could.

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North and South Korea still fight each other but the scale is low level.

Such as when North Korea sunk a South Korean Ship back in 2010 for example.

North Korea also has nuclear weapons which makes retaliation an incredible risk.

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sounds like that is disputed. And yeah them having nukes, and South Korea's allies having nukes makes the war restarting there not as likely. But the korean war in the 50s was not part of a world war anyway, that was a proxy war. Where both sides allies, USA and China/Russia, had nukes. But saying that war is still going on is like saying the USA civil war is still going on because some people didn't like the outcome.

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Learn to use a search engine and you should have paid better attention at school.

It's not like there is a very active war, but no peace treaty has been signed and wars only end when either one of the parties was killed completely or a peace treaty has been signed. Neither of those events have happened.

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read your own Wikipedia links chief

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No, ‘war’ stops whenever there is no longer large scale conflict between the participants. This is like those people who say Vietnam wasn’t a war because ‘War requires a declaration from congress” or some BS. By that logic the US has been in no wars at all since WW2…

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Nukes will drop. I hope it is limited to the middle east. The planet could do without the ayrabs and juden fighting all the time.

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A civil war is already happening.
Most are legal battles and defunding, even debanking.

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My opinion having lived around the planet is it will be a religious war started by a mass casualty event of some kind and most likely in the EU. White Christian men perhaps some women will finally wake up and revolt against their own government who protects and invites and pays this evil death rape cult and the killing begins. Evil muzzy will respond with great violence and the war escalates very fast and grows to many countries. Here in North Idaho where I live we have zero muzzy I am aware of or have seen so for me to join the war I'll have to head over to Seattle for my own killings. LOTS of muzzy over there.

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First off, what makes anyone think WW III as it's been envisioned will happen anytime soon? It won't. Way too much left to pillage. The people who steal everything through globalism control whether there is war or not, they aren't blowing up their treasure just yet.

But.......I'll take whatever kills the most zionists and communists.

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Europe is not a country so it cannot have a civil war.

There is no appetite for WW3. Before each of the last world wars pretty much the whole generation of young men were war hungry. People cheered and had parties in the streets when war was declared. That feeling simply doesn't exist now so no large war can take off.