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if you want to help resist the Vatican.

Churches are crumbling already. I don't think there is any need to resist. I am quite sure that a billionaire could buy all the churches in the country when played right. The market value of churches is going towards zero really fucking fast.

If you wanted to be more aggressive, you could just figure out how to make a drone like the ones in Ukraine and fly 20,000 of them into Vatican airspace for a cost of $2M and take out the Vatican and everyone living in it. I am not going to do so, but it just seems kind of pointless to "spread a message". If it's so important to you, you do it. Otherwise, people will think you are just larping.

I'd advise against attacking the Vatican, however, since by the time you have amassed 20,000 drones capable of attack, you could also just start a defense company and sell them to Ukraine and be considered a "successful business man", which many of the crazy people with such ideas deep down would like to be.

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I'm sure the common Catholic suffers, but the elitism of the group is stronger than ever.

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I have no idea what you mean by elitism, but I don't think any of those people are "elite" in any way. So, they are the head of an organization with billions of dollars under their control, so what? It's not like they can actually do anything of interest.

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Catholic elitists run the world's drug business. I'm sure most Catholics are good people but It's foolish to think the corrupt elitism within the group isn't there.

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So, let them run the drug business. Who cares?