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So why is it black people also see all the sympathetic black people in the media but don't start acting like them?

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Fair question.

Docile, sympathetic black people are put in media marketed towards whites. Black people consume media marketed towards black people (which has very different kinds of black people).

Of course people don't always consume the media marketed to them. Whites that consume black media become wiggers and whores (or at least go through a phase and then revert back to normies). Blacks that consume white media sometimes become black nerds but in general black people are not as influenced by mk ultra programming as whites. 'Programming' implies you're capable of some form of self shaping, molding, etc. Programming is really not for retarded people; it's for midwit whites and women. Blacks are lower iq and don't think ahead and no matter how they are programmed they revert beck to their based low IQ and violent impulses. Of course in America we have a subset of blacks that are half white or half Jews or survived slavery by shucking and jiving (humor/imitation). Those types of black are a small percentage of the black population but they are the useful idiots of the elites and can parrot some basic progressive talking points. Those are the types that get heavily promoted into cultural programming roles (teachers, middle managers, police, low level political positions, etc). These are the people that are used to control whites. The rest of the black population (multi generationally impoverished) just terrorizes whites and controls them by looking for any opportunity to get offended and possibly get a payout through a lawsuit using a conveniently provided pro bono Jewish lawyer.

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That's like how in 1984 the party doesn't bother brainwashing the proles , 85% of people. They're too stupid to rise up so why bother. The middle class is the threat so they are programmed, and not many black people are middle class, too stupid.

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Blacks are being told all their shortcomings and suffering are the fault of White people and they should get revenge on white people for slavery. Any programming that black people receive is countered by the media telling them to rise up against their genocidal oppressors.

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And much to our horror, the CIA is the group with the supremacy over the media nowadays:

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Typically long posts like this on /pol/ are schizo shit but regardless of legitimacy of MKUltra being involved or not I agree 100% people emulate what they see on media and gain their grounding of reality based off of it.

The amount of liberals I met who gained their "knowledge" of what goes on in the Black community through the Wire or conservatives with how "evil" the Nazis were through Hollywood.

Television was the worst thing to happen to peoples minds

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Television was the worst thing to happen to peoples minds

Internet and social media specifically (pacifically) might be worse. The velocity of propaganda has accelerated due to technology. Social media can beam George Floyd nonsense into your palm.