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This is a rule 4 violation. Wikipedia is also a controlled source. The CIA literally edits Wikipedia to fit their narratives. By your own admission the CIA is an 'evil Jesuit institution' yet you use Wikipedia as a source? You are constantly coming in and just dumping links. Your account looks like a classic 'get lost in all this data goy' troll/shill account. Even when people refute individual facts and historical accounts you post you just post more useless links instead of engaging in healthy discussion. It's also very clear to me, and I've pointed this out before, that your account is set up to distract dissidents (or conservatives/liberals coming to the dissident space) from looking into Jewish power. It's aliens! It's Jesuits! It's the 'deep state'! It's 'zionists'! It's Communists! It's Masons! It's globalists! It's Rich Men In Richmond! It's hedge fund managers! It's the 'UN'!

NO. These are all just distractions from the common denominator: Jews. And recently I'm seeing it's not even just 'banking jews' or 'wealthy jews' it's all fucking jews. Just look at how many normal jews congregated together to protect the rape tunnel narrative from surfacing a few days ago. They ALL came out of the woodwork to run defense for their big jew friends that push globbalism and one world government.

And for the last fucking time 'jesuits' are fucking Jews. The pope forced jews in spain to convert, some did, some didn't. The one's that did became a jewish subversion in the church and at some point became the Jesuits. The supposed Jewish messiah Sabbatai Zevi told his followers that the best way for jews to achieve their world government with everyone in chains is to subvert and infiltrate non jewish institutions (of course jews loved that message because they were already balls deep on the strategy of lying and subverting to gain power). That's what the Jesuits are today, a Jewish subversion of the Catholic church.

Any more rule violations and you will be 90 day banned. Any more after that and you will be perma banned.

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This user is just schizo posting. The Jesuits? Lol. That's not a thing anymore. I suspect u/hibikiblack is taking over for u/nasser in destroying this sub. Nasser hit us with daily concern troll posts and then when that got old, hibiki came in with Jesuit schizoposting.

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Go on. You guys will remember your Protestant roots. Whatever it takes.

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My friend, you have it all wrong. My intention isn't to whitewash the Jews from being involved, I'm just pointing out how the Jesuits are a stronger group. The Jesuits murdered around 50 Million White Protestants during the struggle of these two groups and the Jewish World Domination theories only started getting popular when the Jesuits started with their writings.

They are both dirty. I'm just pointing out that the Jesuits are higher in the scale. Catholic authorities ordered the Jews to not push for personal propaganda and they had to obey.

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...Jewish filmmakers and cultural producers...listened to notable lay Catholic Joseph Kennedy when he gave a speech to the top 30 power brokers in Hollywood at a special arranged lunch at the Warner Brothers Studios, on 13 November, 1939. He encouraged the studio heads to "stop making anti-Nazi pictures or using the film medium to promote or show sympathy to the cause of the 'democracies' versus the 'dictators'." He told the gathered audience that Hitler liked Hollywood movies, and wanted the US to keep making them, but he added, the studio heads "were going to have to get those Jewish names off the screen".43 Hollywood producers did this without argument. Indeed, as Steve Carr points out, "By the late 1930s, the overt representations of the Jew in mainstream American film had all but evaporated".44 Evidence for this can be found in the Production Code File for the film Scarface in which the Hays Office told producers that, "the lawyer, Epstein, should not be so pronouncedly Jewish, if at all".45 Moreover, the 1937 film, The Life of Emile Zola features a depiction of the Dreyfus Affair and yet the word "Jew" was not uttered once.46

From the first link. Pgs 152-153.

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Jews were unpopular so making movies about Jews didn't make sense, they'd bomb. It's kind of like how woke movies are pushed now and always bomb. Back then hollywood cared more about profits, now blackrock bails then out of they bomb. I'm not sure how that Emil Zola film did financially, probably did ok as they didn't mention him being Jewish or attack conservatives in it. Zola wasn't jewish. His story by itself would be good, he fought for free speech, supported Dreyfus who was innocent. Though I don't blame the french for being wary about a jewish person in their military who isn't loyal to france.

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Credit to /u/Veritas__Aequitas. That should give you an idea of who is the master and who is the slave. The Catholic CIA is the group with the supremacy over the media:



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Good move by him

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People don't know when they are looking at a real Jew because there is no physical characteristic whereby they may be identified. If you don't believe me, read the book of Esther. The king had no idea when he married this beautiful woman that she was a Jew.

It's only when a man puts on the costume of an outwardly religious Jew that people have any idea that it might be a Jew, but then they still don't know if they might not be looking at a member of the synagogue of Satan, those who claim to be Jews, and are not, but do lie.

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To be fair, the Jews who ran Hollywood at the time were completely on board with this.

They were far more concerned about upsetting their German American audience and losing their dollar than they were with antisemitism.

It was European directors and actors who pushed for anti-nazi and pro-ally films. The Hollywood execs only changed track once America joined the war so they knew it wasn't a financial risk anymore.