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Yes, you are spot on. With feminism the family unit was destroyed. A lot of men don't see value in women nowadays and not without good reason, and they see no reason to work and try to fix society, giving rise to a lot of the corruption we are in nowadays.

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A lot of men don't see value in women nowadays and not without good reason

Women do provide value. Even low quality women will give you a child, companionship, sex. I think it's more about having a society and culture that's always tempting women to leave and take everything you've built with them. Women are incredibly influenced by general cultural trends and of course by government and public assistance. Not to long ago both the church and the government were in the business of influencing women to stay with their husbands and families. You see a lot less divorce in the Mormon and Amish communities because they've attempted to hold up that trifecta church, gov and culture pressuring women and men to stay together.

With feminism the family unit was destroyed

IMHO feminism was birthed after women went into the workforce. No women in the workplace and you don't get a feminst movement.

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That's right. This was the result of industrialism, but you can't really blame women alone either, if you don't work in society nowadays you simply won't survive...

There's the moral and religious degeneracy nowadays. A lot of men don't see value in women and see them as monsters and while they have a point in not trusting them, It's hardly fair to blame women alone for it. Ultimately its the result of the system we are in. More traditionalist religious groups like the Amish don't suffer from these problems.

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Thanks for the quality post

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Thanks for sharing. I think it would be fun to do a best essays/articles of the month. I'm always interested to see what you guys are reading.

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Yeah, these articles were real gems. High quality content like that must be shared. The two articles on Meritocracy really help put Americas affliction in perspective.

And thats a good idea you have. Best essays of the month, that would help keep everyone on the same page.