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Now like I said, Jews and Jesuits aren't the same. You guys have everything understood backwards. The Jesuit theories came first. When the Protestants controlled the White Nations 1500s 1800s everyone with a brain knew that the Jesuits were the crazy group trying to conquer the world like Napoleon mentioned. Anti-Semitism by itself is older than dirt, but the Jewish "World Domination" conspiracy theories didn't even existed until the Jesuits started with their writtings. One group that helped the Jesuits with these multi-million dollar anti-Semitic campaigns were ironically, The Rothschilds themselves. and it was the Jesuit controlled Rothschilds that funded the Bolshevik revolution. Unlike what a lot of people could say, the Jewish Bolsheviks weren't an Ultra-Zionist group but rather, they were a very anti-Zionist group that even persecuted the Zionist Jews that opposed the regime. The Jesuits were previously banned in Russia, but Lenin allows them to come back to the country in 1922.

I don't completely white wash the Jews from the original Bolshevik revolution, not neccesarily because the Bolshevik Jews were over represented, but because despite their anti-Zionism, the Bolsheviks were still sympathetic towards the Jewish groups that would be willing to vow down to them. A lot of Jews took this opportunity to go to Russia and they work together like a Jewish group despite the lack of religion. Calling out the Jewish influence could even be punished by death. I still give more accountability to the Jesuits regardless, not only because they funded the hold thing and that they controlled the Cheka but also because there were religious Jews that actually did opposed the Bolsheviks even if they were heavily persecuted for it.

I don't blame the Jews for the later crimes of the Soviet regime because as purges happened in the government and time went on, the Soviet regime got increasingly more anti-Semitic.

When it comes to Germany I would give both groups almost the same amount of accountability. Not only did you have the Bolshevik Jews and the Rothschilds who were involved, but you also had Zionist leaders and common Jews that were involved. This is because Germany had a large Jewish population and a lot of them saw the opportunity to financially exploit the nation once it was weakened enough. I don't think all Jews were involved in Germany's downfall but there's also the sin of irresponsibility. Germany was one of the few countries that gave the Jews the chance to assimilate after being rejected and there's so much that the Jews could have done to stop their leaders as Germany was rotting with each day that went by.

There's also the controversy of the Holocaust. I don't know to what extend were the Jews and Jesuits involved or how they conspired behind the scenes, I know that the Jesuits were involved too. But regardless of how they conspired it doesn't really matter. I'm confident about my claim that the conditions of the camps lasted all the way until at least 1944 and if the kill count can be proven to not be as big then it would severely hurt the Jews and their credibility.

I overall give more accountability to the Jesuits for the events of WWII due to their control of the Intelligence groups even back then. Through Willian Donovan (OSS) and Iron Felix (Cheka) and their influence on the anti-Semitic ideals of the fascist groups. (Even the SS was created as an imitation of the Jesuits)

In more recent times, regardless of what happened in 9/11 I still blame the Jews for taking advantage of the policies of the US government to expand their influence over the Middle East. I also blame them for a lot of nepotism and corruption nowadays, like how there's groups of them in the media, freemasonry and hold positions of power. However, I still place more accountability to the Jesuits not only because the most relevant positions are Catholic controlled, but because there has been CIA/Jesuit elements that people ignore. When it comes to 9/11, there were in fact, CIA/Jesuit assets involved in the event, but not only are these assets not mentioned but, there was in fact an intentional effort from these intel assets like Philip Giraldi to paint the Jews as the only culcripts behind the crime. A lot of people may question, if I'm so confident about the anti-Semitism of the Intelligence agencies, why are a lot of politicians vowing down to Zionist interests? Well the Jesuit goal in the Middle East is to further the genocide agenda and cultural genocide to a lot of the groups over there, so by making it look like the Jews are the only criminals behind it all, it allows them to use Israel itself as lighting rod while they continue to remain invisible to most. Not only do the Jesuits hold more accountability when it comes to the conflicts in the Middle East, but the conflicts everywhere as well due to their control over the Intelligence agencies.

Finally, one of the most relevant controversies nowadays is the accusation against the Jews of the genocide plan through the vaccines. This is something that I myself expy the Jews out of. The justification a lot of people in the alt-right use to blame the Jews for this is how there's people in them as heads of vaccine corporations. But regardless of they are legit Ultra-Zionists or not I don't blame the Jews as a whole because Israel is one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world, not only that but a lot of the data and studies proving to people that the vaccines could be more dangerous that what we were being told actualy came from the Israelis themselves, so It's hardly fair to blame them for something a psychos in their groups could have done. To me obviously, I'm rather skeptical of the Jewish influence over the vaccine genocide in the first place. It simply wouldn't make sense for them to try to either kill or sterilize more than half their entire population if their goal was to conquer the world, and when there are way more healthy ways to promote eugenics all the more when we are dealing with a group that supposedly controls the world. To make things worse and in classic fashion, all the most relevant figures related to the vaccines and the COVID crisis can be related to the CIA/Jesuits but them and their endgoal of the Omega Point never get mentioned.

And I have to add when it comes to the vaccine controversy, how could anyone deny the Jesuit influence and the possibility that among the Jewish influence there could be Jesuit spies like the Rothschilds when there's apparently Jesuit and anti-Semitic assets even within the Mossad itself?

This is my official judgement when it comes to these two groups. There's a lot of things that they both can be held accountable for. And I'm dead serious when it comes to try to bring them to justice. /u/send_nasty_stuff I apologize for the walls of text but I have to make my position clear when it comes to these two groups as to avoid confusion. I would love to hear your opinions. I'll continue to expose them over here so I hope we can get along.

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Try to keep it concise

Does the propaganda work if no one reads it? Think about it.

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The Roman Empire never really ended. It went underground.

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Unfortunately for everyone. They just bided their time to come back.

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Infiltrated by Jews, fell apart

Is Catholic Church Roman Empire? Just remnants. Who is the emperor? The pope? He's woke and weak.

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The Empire knew it was doomed, so it had to become invisible, hiding behind Christianity. That’s why Constantine made Christianity the official religion. The Pope is a figurehead, kind off like Biden.

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Josephus helped Flavians make up the new religion, to get the romans to stop persecuting their fellow Jews, worked.

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Bull. The Jewish World Domination theories didn't even existed until the Jesuits started with their writings.

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Jesuits didn't write about jewish domination they helped cover it up. Jews didn't fully control world until that time of Jesuits.

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LMAO at this what drugs are you on dude.

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Great reply

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Roman Empire, really? or are you confusing this elite with the Kabbalist and Talmudic elite? that the Roman Empire also tried to combat?

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The western Roman Empire was obviously failing by the passing of Theodosius. It survived by fully embracing the Universal Church. Everyone had to obey the Pope. Kings ruled by the grace of the Pope until Henry VIII.
Now, the Universal Church is only ‘influential’. It went into banking as a result as money is real power.

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even if they may work together at times.

lol. They didn't just 'work together'. The founder was born in 1491. Why is that date important? 1 year later the king and queen of Spain would sign the Alhambra Decree. This was one of the major Jewish expulsions in history (and there are many of them). Why did the king and queen need to expel Jews? Well, we talk about it a lot here on DAR but it's worth repeating. They act like they are one of your people, breed with elites in your society, corrupt elites in your society and then start rivalries between people so that they can profit on the war and destruction that follows. When there's enough destruction and they've looted enough they leave or get kicked out. Unfortunately the Alhambra decree did something terrible, it caused Jews to double down and hide deeper in the Catholic Church. 100 hundred years earlier in 1391 half of Spain's Jews had converted to Catholicism and this was causing incredible turmoil in the church. Jews don't ever 'convert' they just do their thing under a different name. This was called the converso crisis.

I could go on and on about this topic but I'm not going to post a thousand links. Anglin did a few articles on the bullshit Jesuit shilling back in 2014 and he accurately pointed out that the founder was clearly representative of 'pro jewish' sentiments' in the church. This jesuit influence on the church corrupted it deeply and continued to corrupt it. The church today is totally broken and the communist influences in the 30's probably did the biggest damage since Ignatius of Loyola and his Jesuits. Jesuits (philosemites), Commies, and satanists (but I repeat myself) are deeply in the church right now and that's why I call myself a sedevacantist catholic. The Pope is evil. The church is rotted to the core but it's at the centuries long attack by Jews not because there aren't good white catholics out there.

edit. I would also add that most people that enthusiastically push the 'jesuits run the world' stuff are totally nuts. Check out Eric John Phelps as an example.

If you want my personal opinion there are real conspiracies out there: Jews, CIA/Israel killed Kennedy, Military industrial complex, Israel did 911, Elite pedos (dutroux affair, Epstein), food and water is being poisoned to weaken us and make us docile, white genocide, medical system is deeply corrupted, etc. Elites (i.e. jews and their allies) don't want you to know that shit so they flood the conspiracy space with bullshit: big foot, jesuits, aliens, etc. Most importantly, for the few people that do understand what's going on, they don't want anyone to pay attention to us. That's why the 'conspiracy theorist' label was created in the first place. They need to contain and monitor the people that know what's going on. They don't care that some people know the truth they DO care if those people become populists and start getting views and mass public appeal with ideas like 'Jews rape kids' and 'the government is full of Satanists'. That's bad for their agenda.

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To be fair, I think Loyola himself may have been sympathetic early on but I can tell you that at least genetically, he has been proven to be non Jewish:

That's the genetic evidence so all the theories trying to paint him as Jewish are false and the Jesuits made them up. I can also tell you that the Jesuits were anti-Semitic even early on once they banned the Jews from their group:

Either way the records of the anti-Semitism of the Rothschilds and the Intelligence agencies are there too. So while they are both conspirators, you are dealing with different groups with different goals.

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I didn't say he was Jewish. It doesn't matter though. His organization represented a shift to philosemitism in the catholic church which created a safe space for Jews to hide and work their subversion. There's a clear historical event there in Spain at the founding of the order. There's a reason why every Jesuit college in the United States is essentially deeply connected to jew banker globbalist goals. I'm glad I avoided going to a Jesuit college and chose a Diocesan school instead.

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Yes, but the Jesuits also simultaneously painted the Jews as the sole conspirators behind everything, removing themselves from everyone's memory. This was hardly the case when the Protestants controlled the White nations. I can't let you guys forget about them, because It's a complete insult to the Protestants and their sacrifice.

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The Jesuits are a priest society within the church. They didn't exist until the 1500s. The painting of Jews as sole conspirators existed before the Jesuits and will exist after the Jesuits and that's because Jews killed Christ and have been engaging in anti human activities for millennia. If Jesuits are involved in conspiracy to enrich themselves and govern the world it's hand and hand with Jews and every subversive act the Jesuits do is because the larger more powerful Jewish elite banking families and their world wide network sanctions it as part of the theatrics of managing billions of NPCS.

Let's clear the air. I have no problems with you calling out Jesuits as a subversive group. The problem I have is when you try to downplay Jews and spin a tale that the Jesuits are really the puppet masters. That's ridiculous and nothing you've posted proves that. There's a LOT of money behind distracting people from Jews though...

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Just look at the things that happened against the Jews behind the scenes when it comes to the intelligence agencies. Do you think the Jews would do all of that to themselves? It's like you say, nobody mentions this, so wouldn't remaining invisible to most be the most ideal thing as a conspirator?

But that's ok. They are both liers in the end. Regardless of who is at the top, I'm sure the conspiracy will eventually be revealed. I already showed you guys the truth about what happened in Germany right? We can avenge the National Socialists and the Protestants too.

The Protestants were pretty red pilled about the Jews too. A lot of them banned the Jews from their countries due to their usury and tendency for nepotism. If you haven't seen it you should read this book about the quality of life back in those days. Their policies were almost like a National Socialism back then:

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"Things" have happened to Jews since before Christ, even in non-Catholic places like Egypt, Greece and even Rome before becoming Catholic (not to mention Muslim countries). What is there in avenging Protestants? Their religion serves only the Jews since the Protestant Reformation, Luther wrote about the Jews only after he was forced to sabotage the sovereignty of the Catholic Church. Protestantism created the Western abomination of "Judeo-Christian" culture, became Zionism within Christianity. And don't confuse Jewish ethnicity with Judaism, for your theories to make sense, make a comparison between religions or ethnicities.

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It is important to approach discussions with respect and avoid sweeping generalizations. While historical events have impacted various communities, it is crucial to recognize that religious groups, including Protestants, have diverse beliefs and contributions. Engaging in thoughtful comparisons and understanding the complexities of different religions and ethnicities fosters a more meaningful dialogue.

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Catholics and Protestants, both worshipping a jewish messiah, working for Jews without knowing it

Muslims are too

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I recommend researching more about what Catholicism actually is. Be careful not to fall into atheistic traps, if Catholicism were an "ally" of the Jews, as you say, the Jews would not bother to destroy it.

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This x1000.

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Nah not gonna go by an img, not even clicking it. Rely on eye test and logic.