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I think you're on to something, but it's not this simple. Global power networks are much more complex than this. Agreed, there are wealthy, influential Jewish groups, though also look to other wealthy groups in the East, South Asia, Middle East, Russia, and Europe. Reducing some of your arguments to skin color or ethnicity or mass extinction detracts from your main arguments, which otherwise appropriately begin to trace the problems of global power networks.

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Making race the main issue isn't a reduction of complexity. Race is complex. This is a theory of how Jewish power came to be and how it operates. Part of that theory is that wealthy Jews are the main power bloc in the industrialized world today, and all other power blocs/persons must pay homage to them i.e. Elon Musk had to go on an apology tour with Ben Shapiro to Poland and Israel because he was accused of anti-Semitism on Twitter.

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Why is Mexico a Firm Jew Controlled nation? Shouldn't Germany also be here? Why are Belgium and Finland Partially controlled?
Why is New Zealand an escape nation?

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The germs are controlled but the Mexicans will never overthrow their controllers. The germans on the other hand at anytime have the intellectual, military and financial ability to kick out their controllers. That's why I made the 'neutralized' category.

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There's a third group of people we can refer to as non whites and this a group that can exhibit a variety of human like traits but in general are more animal like in their reproduction and ability to plan.

This statement needs work. Plenty of non-whites are a very capable as a group. Koreans are exceptional planners for example. I get you weren't trying to go down that rabbit hole, but it's worth noting that only certain non-white ethnic groups are willing to engage in a low intensity conflict with whites.

Jew controlled shock troops consist mostly of niggers and radicalized leftist whites.

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What do you think is going to happen in the next decade?

Continued establishment of a Jewish police state, with unprecedented tyranny due to technology.

More advancement of financial sanctions and blacklisting mechanisms to suppress dissent.

More proxy wars on behalf of Israel.

Increased immigration into the west. More extreme open borders policies.

Financial collapse forcing the working class to grovel at the feet of global Jewry.

Low intensity conflict in the United States. White rednecks vs niggers and trannies (and allies). Jews will seize the opportunity to enslave whites for defending themselves.

Non white populations will mostly die from starvation (the favorite weapon of the jews

Nah, jews will prop up countries like Nigeria. They will grow due to high fertility.