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Part of Poland was historically Germany. Many Germans lived in Poland and were being attacked. Hitler didn't want to occupy all of Poland but knew that a war with Russia and likely the entire world was coming. He was hoping to create a buffer to prevent an invasion from Russia.

My thoughts. Hitler guessed (wrong) that world powers wouldn't allow another all out world war. He thought in terms of honor and gentlemen's war common in Europe. He assumed the war would just become a long protracted 'sphere of influence' type chess game. He and his regime knew that the new game in town was mass civilian propaganda and if every country around him fell to communist propaganda eventually Germany would be starved and cut off from the world (Germans got involved in industrialization and world trade along with other western powers but unlike the US didn't produce enough of their own food or fuel to survive a sensation of world trade; Japan was in a similar situation; sitting ducks if trade stopped).

IMHO his invasion of Poland and his attempt to control continental Europe was a defensive maneuver. Germans historically were not colonists. Hitler did not want to take over the world; he just didn't want Germany starved like the Ukrainians were. He didn't want German propagandized into race mixing and degeneracy like he saw the English, French and the US public being propagandized.

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This was copy-pasted from here. I couldn't do a direct x-post because this gay-ass sub doesn't let me post links.

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Original OP, u/jacques1102. Lets see if he wants to participate.

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It's so quiet in here. I'm surprised.

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This sub is effectively dead due to most of the active user base disappearing and/or leaving including the moderators, as well as being hidden from the front page. It was completely plagued by paranoia with users regularly accusing others of being shills, concern trolls or specific trolls who had been banned for years. Then a schizo poster came in with massive rants about the "jesuits". It could be possible there was a private (mods pming "loyal" users) migration to another site like on .win or elsewhere.

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If the site ever moves officially I will let everyone know. I don't know of any mods attempting to poach users to other sites. Normally when we move we move together. If you have ideas for other sites to go to please make a post. DAR is def dead or dying which is sad but the root of the rot is the site itself; saidit is not a healthy website. It's also swirling around the drain.

I think we do have a .win site. I have some free time next week and will look into moving the site.

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You're free to establish yourselves on I can make a forum for DAR and make you mod.

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That's a message board styled site. DAR started on reddit and the remaining base prefers reddit style rank choice.

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That's a bummer. I hoped that, because of the orientation on discussion, you guys would be open to trying something different. Sometimes I wonder if it's really a hard no. I hope that people will reconsider once they see that enough people are jumping ship to a message board, and perhaps discover all the nice subtleties to it. It's easy to be picky when the network effect hasn't swung in any particular direction yet.