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Russians tend to have a different definition and interpretation of fascism. Here in the West it basically means you're evil, you're racist, you're slightly conservative even leftists have been called "fascists". In Russia it means: Enemy and anti-Russian/Slavic but not because of Nazi racial theories or anything, it's not like USA thinks Slavs as being this and that. For the Russian, an African can be a Fascist/Nazi.

I could describe myself as being a Fascist but love Russia and the Russians would say "You're not a fascist", yada yada. But some /pol/tards doesn't get it.

See: The First International Anti-Fascist Congress

Anyway, the defeat of Fascism destroyed Europe AND the world. Imagine what a better country Brazil could be now, a Nazi victory would led to widespread of eugenics that applies to all races.

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Dude I'm not saying the Germans didn't do any fuck ups, but out of all the sides involved in the war, I find them the most sympathetic. The things they endured before and after the war was insane. (kind of reminds me of my own people) Russians see fascism the wrong way...

The Soviets were pretty damn nasty. Soviet Communism is one of the greatest killers of whites...