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This jesuit thing is probably one of the dumber jewish trolls Ive seen on here, and that's saying a lot. Not even this dude actually believes in his "theory", but this is what happens when u combine autism and jewish neurosis with having too much time on your hands. Good luck finding a few boomer goy cattle to believe this bullshit shlomo.

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Username checks out. Even if we see things from the perspective of the National Socialists, Hitler himself acknowledged the influence and power of the Jesuits and the Nat Soc later saw them as a dangerous subversive group that needed to be stopped. There's no reason why to believe Jews had that much power over the Soviet Intelligence when Jewish leaders were persecuted in such a fashion and Stalin was following the will of the Jesuits to the letter.

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Stalin didnt start "persecuting" Jews until he realized they were his only real threat left, and even then he only went after Jews he felt were obviously disloyal, keeping Jews like Lazar Kaganovitch(the butcher of Ukraine) in power until his bitter end, which as it turns out was probably a mistake as Kaganovitch later implied it was him and a Jewish doctor that poisoned Stalin with rat poison.

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You are leaving the philosophy aside. Stalin wasn't fighting for a Jewish World Domination plot even if he cared about the Jews in his own way. He was a subversive that the Jesuits planted to get their ways with the Orthodox Church like I explained.

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Stalin was only interested in his own power. When Jews had the power to destroy him he played nice. When he had the power to destroy them he kept those that he considered useful for a long as they were useful, then dispensed with them when they werent, like he did everybody else, and when at the end he realized they were a growing threat he decided to crack down on them, which was ultimately his undoing as they likely decided to assassinate him before he could fulfil his upcoming purge. Again, he made the mistake of thinking some Jews would still be loyal as he carried out that purge. I'm by no means defending Stalin or his methods. He was an utterly ruthless man indifferent to human suffering and death. Im also not saying he didnt deserve what he got in the end, only that the ones that killed him didnt do it out altruism or concern for Russians. They did it out of Jewish ethnic loyalty and probably self preservation. He had become too big a threat to themselves and remaining Jews to ignore and they decided offing him was worth the risk.

Your Jesuit nonsense is just some shit you made up. Maybe you believe it maybe you don't, but there is no logic or evidence behind it.

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No evidence? Who did Stalin handed over all of those Orthodox institutions to? There's no way the Jesuits were following Jewish orders when they were spreading the anti-Semitic theories like crazy in Europe while all of this was happening. What came first, the Bolshevik Revolution or the Jesuit Empire? Why were the Jesuits trying to associate the Jews with communism as events took place? You are not fooling me at all dude.

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Why would the Jesuits, who are religious fanatics who follow an inherently universalist religion in a sect that requires a vow of celibacy and poverty, advance communism, an atheist ideology created by and advanced Ashkenazi Jews? People dont believe that Bolshevism was dominated by Jews because "Jesuits" created this conspiracy theory. They believe it because they understand ratios and proportions and understand that when looking at conspiracies, the basic rules are who benefitted? Who has the means? Who has the motivation, where does the money lead, and what does the evidence show you? Nobody gives a shit about the Jesuits, they have no media influence and in modern times never have and they barely even exist anymore.

Do you honestly think US and Western politicians and media are falling all over themselves advancing the interests of Israel, a Jewish supremacist state, because of...Jesuits? It's completely absurd and makes zero sense, which is why nobody but you and maybe a few boomers who loved the Divinci Code believes this notion. Not that I think YOU actually believe it.

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Dude nothing you said answers the questions I raised. Stalin handed over these Orthodox institutions to someone in the Catholic Church. It couldn't have been traditional Catholics because the Soviets weren't friendly towards them, so it had to have been the Jesuits. And they weren't following Jewish orders because they were spreading the anti-Semitic theories already.

And if you think the events in the Jesuit Empire in Latin America didn't happen then you are the one on the dangerous autism spectrum. I would rather believe that you are CIA just trolling than you being fucked up in the head so badly.

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Dude nothing you said answers the questions I raised.

You didnt ask any questions that needed answering. Your "questions" would be like me asking why are ducks really grizzly bears? Its a stupid nonsensical question that has no basis in reality.

And if you think the events in the Jesuit Empire in Latin America didn't happen then you are the one on the dangerous autism spectrum.

Who said anything about Latin America, and what does that have to do with anything? Yeah, unlike your schizobabble about jesuits and Stalin, the Spanish conquest of the Americas is something the Jesuits actually participated 400 years ago. And?

You realize Stalin trained to be a Russian Orthodox Priest right? Also you keep bringing up "anti-semitism" as if thats some ultimate crime at a time when ethnic and religious groups largely hated each other and kept separate, but most of the time what you are talking about is non Jewish reaction to negative Jewish group behavior. Sort of like people reacting negatively to zionists slaughtering Palestinian kids, which were told is also "anti semitism". You dont need mysterious shadowy "Jesuit" conspiracies against Jews to explain this reaction.

I dont even know why im debating this, since I know you dont even believe in it. It's just some stupid childish i know you are but what am I bullshit. You're butthurt over legitimate criticism of Jews and the best thing you can come up with is yeah but what about...uh...the jesuits! Yeah, thats it, ill make up some conspiracy shit about Jesuits to teach you goys a lesson about Jewish conspiracies, which make me feel really really bad, and we all know making Jews feel bad about bad shit they do is the worst thing anyone can ever do and will inevitably lead to another shoah!!!

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I'm all about exposing Jewish crimes. But I also care about historical accuracy and I won't let people forget about the Jesuit criminality on my watch.

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No evidence? Who did Stalin handed over all of those Orthodox institutions to?

WTF are u even talking about? The Bolsheviks persecuted, massacred and largely destroyed Russian Orthodox clerics, followers and institutions, before Stalin even gained power. What are you even claiming, that they became Catholic? Soviet Russia was officially atheist, and when it fell most Russians that held on to religious beliefs went back to being Russian Orthodox. Catholics and "Jesuits" hold zero power in Russia.

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With this we've covered the Cheka and the proto-KGB, considering the influence they had over the CIA, can you see where this is going now?