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declaring that the solution to these violent crimes is to "come together" and "love each other." But that is not the solution–in fact, that attitude is a big part of the problem.

Yes, some folks have there heads in-the-clouds.

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That's for sharing but people like Shapiro and Matt Walsh are not really concerned about fixing the problem. They obscure who's really causing our problems. If Walsh had integrity he would have left Daily Wire when Candace Owens was fired.

Folk like Shapiro and Walsh (and even Joe Rogan) are the newest iteration of controlled opposition. They will ALWAYS lose to liberal/progressive political ideas and laws. Republicans and unfortunately most trump supporters are more left wing in their beliefs then liberals in the 90's. This country will continue to march left politically until we have legit third parties or give up on the political system and find ways to change politics locally or with underground economics etc. I'd also propose the dissidents need to consider finding ways to make political change without using the political system which from my perspective appears to be totally compromised.