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I myself admit I am skeptical about the idea of there being a virus because the Jesuits were involved in the development of the Germ Theory. However, It's something in which I admit not to know everything about. The genocide agenda from the Jesuit angle is something that I cover over here. One of the most influential figures in the modern capitalist movement was the Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who was a social darwinist and who created the idea of the Omega Point.

The reasoning behind the people committing the genocide is that if you are dumb enough like to inject yourself with poison then you are not worthy of the space you occupy. Teilhard's Omega Point was the point in human evolution in which we become a single entity with Christ with the help of technology. To me this is the end goal of the genocide agenda and the NWO as a whole, showing how influential the mystic communism I've described is on the Jesuits and their ideals.

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You may have missed the forest because the trees got in the way.

The real genocide may be the Chinese. They have harvested a wealth of our genetic data. I believe they are trying to develop race specific viruses. The Covid virus was just one step along the way that happened to get loose.

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I doubt it. I don't think the ruling groups want the US to collapse that badly (you would think the Chinese would target Americans) the US is the nation with military bases everywhere to the point that I don't think Russia and China are a match. I doubt they want such a radical change in the power spectrum if they were to heavily target the US with a virus or whatever.

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I believe the Chinese will target the niggers in Africa first. The chinks have already infiltrated Africa. Lots of resources in Africa for the chinks to plunder.

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The scamdemic was used as a pretext for "vaccine passports" and constant control of movement by the state. It was a rehearsal for applying the Chinese model in the West. In China, state surveillance can't be disputed. In Europe, they had to use an artificial health crisis as an excuse for the restriction of civil rights and citizen privacy.

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You are spot on about that. I do believe they want the Chinese model for everyone eventually.