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My guess? Enough time has gone by since being trans became the New Trendy Thing™ that a lot people have reached the end of their rope. They've gone through HRT for a couple of years, they've either had surgery or grown comfortable with the idea of never having it, maybe they've undergone FFS or top surgery, and of course they've been part of a bunch of trans communities mostly online and perhaps also offline.

At some point, it becomes difficult to keep convincing yourself that all those giddy happy amazing things transitioning supposedly comes with are still on the horizon. Perhaps changing their identity again is just a way of addressing that, as some step in another direction.

Another possibility (perhaps both are true to a degree) is that, given how "being trans" basically has lost all meaning, people are simply "stretching their legs" so to speak in terms of their identity. It used to be for example that when you're a trans-identified man and you don't even want HRT, people in the community would be a bit skeptical about you. There was a certain amount of logical pressure. Nowadays literally anyone and everything is trans, so people really have no reason to do anything anymore or put any effort into anything. So they might as well just call it a day and go non-binary, which means you've just given up on trying to make any sense as a person and comfortable with being pretty off-putting and likely ugly, while still being able to demand high standards from others in how they treat you, as any "trans" person is allowed to do.

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You could be right about this but what I'm noticing is this seems to mostly be female born people doing this while also being encouraged to push other female detransitioners into doing so.

They still happily identify as trans and non binary but claim to be "medically detrans" even though being non binary and trans for that matter doesn't require being on HRT. For a bit I was sympathetic and more thinking of it as an inbetween step but these people are still very much identifying as trans and trying to push other detransitioners into that same camp.