Detransition-Related Support Groups

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The Detransition Advocacy Network

TDAN is a charitable, nonprofit, global effort to improve the well-being of detransitioned people everywhere.

Launched in November 2019, TDAN works with local chapters through its core leadership to support those who desist from gender transition, and to lobby institutions for the destigmatisation of detransition and expansion of detransitioners' healthcare and legal options.

Detransitioners Anonymous April Meetings

We are currently meeting twice a month. for more details.

Detrans Canada Highway

Detrans, desisted & reidentified Canadians! A few of us have started an association to hopefully advocate for change. As an association, we will have the power of our membership while keeping individuals safely anonymous.

Eventually we’re hoping to:

  • meet up IRL

  • provide resources for Drs/Therapists with detrans, desisted & reidentified patients

  • raise awareness and visibility of detrans ppl among LGBT groups/orgs (especially because most of us are LGB)

  • show the gov & medical instituions of Canada that we exist and should be supported & researched

Gender Care Consumer Bill of Rights

The Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network (GCCAN), founded in late 2019, seeks to empower recipients of gender transition-related care to become healthy and whole. It aims to do this by developing a database of resources for consumers to better inform their decisions, establishing a network of support groups where members can explore their options and experiences, and forming a meetup in the spring of 2020 to connect directly with consumers in the community.

Lost in Transition

Are you considering detransition? Need support? We are two people, a detransitioning FTM person and a gay man. We have found that there is a lack of support for people who have detransitioned or who are in the process of detransitioning. We have set up a support group in Sydney to provide a safe space where detransitioning people can connect. If you would like to find out more, visit our website or send us a message

Post Trans [Women]

Our goal is to provide a space for detransitioning women to share their experiences as well as giving an alternative narrative to the common discussions on transidentity.

Discord Servers

Detrans Central: Hang out with 8 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Detrans Support & Friends: Open to all individuals, we have light-level verification required to get in, but we hope to create a friendly environment between detrans people, those questioning, and allies. This isn't a server catered specifically to detrans males or detrans females, and we ask that if you're looking for those sort of spaces, you reach out to the individuals who are on those servers or run them.

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