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Posting pics of a no tit having flat assed kathoey is no way too start off on the right foot.

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Grats on getting a tay post to the top of all

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shit, we are going to get b& from here so fast

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Yeah if this is this sub's version of high quality content, things aren't looking good for ya'll tbh. Saidit isn't a place for shitposting.

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See, the thing is at heart the core group of us are a hoard of highly sarcastic iconoclasts. We use irony and sarcasm to prevent people from getting too high an opinion of them self.

This seems like a really nice place you have here, I don't blame you for wanting to keep it nice.

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I see. Just keep it in the higher parts of the pyramid of debate and we should be all good. However hateful shitposting simply won't be tolerated here over the long run. There's more than enough of that on voat and reddit.

Anyway, I notice almost all of you are from /r/drama on reddit, which I guess just went private? So you all are like refugees from that right?

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I'll certainly do my best to spend my time here reaching for the higher levels of the pyramid, but we're all kinda chaotic neutral and it's like herding cats.

So you all are like refugees from that right?

Hopefully it's more of a case of temporarily embarrassed millionaires, and we'll be more like house guests than immigrants.

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Thanks. I'm not going to ban the sub outright yet, but we're going to see how it goes for another half day or so.

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