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Yes, that does hold some resemblance to a psychedelic experience, perhaps not salvia though. Many psychedelics have some similarities in that closed eye visuals take on a kaleidoscope effect, often with repeating patterns, complex colours and depths, and avatars being present bei it a face, a figure or many eyes, animals or aliens.

Salvia divinorum is not a terribly thought provoking or spirit enhancing substance, instead it's confusing and disjointed with no particular recurring aspects that could be considered enjoyable or meaningful. I'd not say salvia was scary as such, but it's not something that induced any powerful emotional responses. Compared to tryptamines and psychedelic phenethylamines, salvia is one of the weirdest and most uncomfortable experiences one can decide to partake in even though it doesn't even last long.

On one occasion smoking 45x extract induced physical detachment, reversal of the sense of gravity, hot and cold flushes, and then complete visual detachment from reality. I was dragged to the left and had no choice but to lay on the floor and circle to the left as I felt like I was falling. I recall the tree outside becoming a painting that turned upside down and the entire room turning white and a giant piano with rolling waves of piano keys wooshed beneath me. The experience had no sound, no fear, no joy, no avatar, and no complex structured visualization. It ended as quickly as it started and resulted in feeling like my skin didn't fit right.

The human brain produces several powerful substances including DMT, it's no surprise that we sometimes have some odd dreams. Appreciate the oddness and find revelations in it if you wish, or just appreciate that the effect of chemicals on our subconscious are interesting as fuck.

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Salvia is associated with the whole wheel thing. Both the one I saw where it's your face or whatever stuck in it, and the one that's bigger than the world and contains all of existence. I have yet to see the other one, though it feels very familiar in an unsettling way. All evidence points to us living in a matrix, and I suspect that the wheel is actually the machine powering the simulation. And the white light trap is a cover so people don't see the true nature of this world, but sometimes it fails and people see it anyway. But fear and lack of confidence keeps them from getting out of it. This same wheel is seen in NDEs all the time so there's something to it.

I also can't help but think it's not a coincidence that I have these dreams more often the more I question reality.

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I also can't help but think it's not a coincidence that I have these dreams more often the more I question reality.

Dreams are often very much a way of us trying to process information and memories. The more you question anything, the more likely you are to dream about it.

A word of caution, the mind is susceptible to suggestion. I used to watch a whole lot of ghost hunting TV show boxsets and paranormal movies. Guess what my sleep deprivation hallucinations became. An old problem of mine was seeing ghosts, clear as day. Normally after too many stimulants, but the point is I had managed to influence my subconscious to conjure these images.

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I've had that experience twice. Once when I was a kid while we were huffing something I don't remember what. And once on salvia. First time I was mostly just fascinated until I realized that the two wheels of my faces... When they stopped the faces that were aligned closest would switch places. Both being me... But only one being me in this reality now.... The other was going to switch places with me. Salvia one terrorize the shit out of me. Not the same as the first in its presentation... But the wheel concept and the infinite number of me... Swapping places without my knowing. On that note. Which is the "me" and which is something else....?

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I too had the sense that I was swapping places. It's a little concerning that this happened in a regular dream and not a hard drug trip, especially since I've been onto this whole matrix thing for a while.

Another person saw an even crazier wheel after dying in a car crash, and when it was over the crash had never occurred in the first place. No drugs. This wheel is entirely mechanical and has every possibility in it, which means it's a CPU iterating through different outcomes until it finds one where the undesired event didn't occur. The way it functions is exactly how a computer program runs.

There's also several people who get themselves killed, but then teleport to immediately beforehand, seeing the exact same events happen again only this time averting death. Sometimes more than one person is involved.

It's also quite interesting that some people actually wake up in a pod on certain drugs. When they're put back to sleep, the "hallucination" ends. Coincidence that in the matrix movie they wake people up using a pill?

A young entrepreneur mysteriously died after finding out that "it's all a thought experiement, we're in the matrix".

There's more to this than most people are willing to consider. Elon Musk and many scientists agree. They have discovered that there are floating point precision errors in real life physics. And the speed of light is best described as an arbitrary speed cap.

Almost all monotheistic religions I know of have a very similar concept of the world if you go back far enough, before all the institutionalization and orthodoxy and politics.

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Well if you want to know what unsettling is. You articulating perfectly a feeling I've had for a long time. My question has been. Can we control it? I've been in a bad loop for quite a while. I was losing my shit the other day over another series of ridiculous events. I was texting my daughter. Last thing I said to her was "I'm going to break the matrix" but how?

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A loop?

I recently caught myself looping through the same sequence of events for like 5 times now. The loop isn't my whole life, but there's a series of events that always occur in the same or very similar order. The first time lasted about 5 years, but all the iterations since have taken around one year. This exposed the scripted nature of my life.

I might have stopped it by intentionally holding off on one of the steps of the loop. But I have felt drawn to fulfill it, so it's still trying to run.

I too have series of ridiculous events. Some are just funny or weird, but others seem intentionally designed to drive me mad. If I point any of these things out to people, they insist it has to be coincidence when it's obviously not. When I show them that there's clearly a pattern, they suddenly become very angry at me to the point where I feel somewhat unsafe. Yes, this even applies to people who never act that way, who are otherwise calm and grounded and open-minded. It's like they have a programmed response to that subject.

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The few people I have in my life have known me long enough that if I point something out like this they take a serious look at it. And while they may not overtly buy into it they don't overtly reject it either. Not going to bore you now with a series of events from this summer... But the obstacles were ludicrous. Every time I found a way out of the events that were occurring something you could not have possibly anticipated in any actual world outside of a tragic comedy would occur. Seem very clear to me that something someone was caging me into a future and blocking me from any alternatives. And yes I often wondered was it designed to make me go mad to make me act in a way that was to anyone watching insane...? Based on the events I can't say that it wasn't. Still can't wrap my head around it. But if that's the case I intend to break the matrix. Just not sure how yet. Maybe it's as simple as not breaking down not going mad and not doing something.... Well something that it seems like the universe wants me to do as it's cornering me into few to no choices.

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For me it's like teasing an animal. There's light at the end of the tunnel, but literally right before I reach it, it turns into more tunnel. And many of the positive things I have were only given to me to be taken away.

Everyone gets super angry when I bring these things up. It's as if they're all in on it and don't want me to find out, so they tell me, "don't you dare think about that stuff!!!!". I even have a link to a time when it happened on saidit. Someone just blew up for no reason because I talked about this. The level of anger was completely unprecedented.

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That is disproportionate to the matter. Nauseous angrier and angrier.... I don't get responses like that but I do think very often that there is something trying to keep me from seeing a truth it takes a different form with me then what your experiencing with the anger... But no less real. There really is kind of startling how much vitriol that individual had.

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And that's how most people react. In real life too. Not everyone does, but it does appear to be an instinct. All I can think of is maybe they don't want to think about the possibility that their whole life and the whole world is a lie. Everyone is in denial about the sad state of the world, either claiming it's not true or trying to justify it. But in person their reactions to this subject seem more knee-jerk, so I don't think they even know why.

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Yeah... The matrix is okay as a movie plot.... But people don't want to think about it being the actual State of affairs

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Here's how a saidit user reacted:

Reading that text made me feel nauseous. The thought of you being an [A]dmin on this site, pushing these falsehoods, made me feel sicker and angrier than I thought possible.

And all I did was say that there are many reports of malicious entities posing as gods or angels or even people, who trick you with false visions and get you to reincarnate because they make you think they're God.

This is how people react any time I bring up "matrix" stuff or question anything about reality. In real life too. Completely irrational, unprecedented rage for no apparent reason. No other subject triggers people the way this does. It's like people have a programmed response to these questions. Which would mean there is something someone really doesn't want us to know.