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Without going into my hatred of the PRC government just a comment on this = "there is nothing the government won't fuck up claiming it's a good idea and all for the people. It's for the safety of children ya know". I am referencing any/all governments anywhere.

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The Chinese government wanted to reduce the Chinese population. This "oopsie dasie" gave them exactly what they wanted. How convenient.

By 1958 everyone understood that birds eat bugs and bugs are agricultural pests. If the government wanted to create an artificial famine and prepare an excuse that everyone would instantly buy because they all already understand that bugs destroy crops this would be the perfect premise. If they simply said the bugs came out of nowhere people would demand answers and investigations. They would forever be in fear of it happening again. With this story it is one and done. No questions asked. It was just an honest mistake.

I don't think it killed off enough people for the government's liking so they implemented the one child policy.

Inb4 hur dur prove it.

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Proof that asians aren't smart

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Lots of "smart" people fall for communism.

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They call that a useful idiot. Or in modern terms, Mid-wit.

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Government "experts" told farmers, who had only farmed for generations, that they were doing it wrong, and that they could double or triple crop yields by planting seeds closer together. Those crops all failed.

They also ordered farmers to produce steel, which they had no means to produce, so they'd melt down their farm equipment into slag in order to meet their "steel" quota, which would be used to make bridges that would later collapse. But without sparrows to kill bugs, with failed crops due to government farm science, and without farm equipment, they starved to death.