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I think we're heading to another banking bailout.

Personally I think are headed for a CBDC rollout, pitched to us a solution for all the banking shenanigans

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I just looked the other day at some bank owned property. (First Rep, I think.)
The land seemed like a sizeable area, on the level of possibly 4 acres? Now I'm not quite sure the going rate, esp. in this area, but it seemed like a rather good deal at roughly 20k.
Sad thing is, if there is any bail out, crash, recovery sort of thing, didn't those unsavory chaps at DAVos or however that's spelled/stylized threaten of a "Great Reset"? If that happens, those who own and those who don't will suddenly be neighbors in the walmart gullags, no?

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Their goal is to rent everything to people. And corporations have been buying up properties like crazy, driving up the prices. If it all comes crashing down, I'd think it'd end the goal of renting to everyone since people would be able to afford homes instead, if anyone would lend them the money.

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They must not have seen the fallout of timeshare style rentals like airbnb.
People where more than willing to pay the "fair" price, but when they were "nickel and dimed" with cleaning fees and other incidentals, I've read people thought it was an unfair shell game. Itemized prices and tell me what I pay before I sign, if you change that after I sign, it's bait and switch.
Now the crash of 2008 was different than what could be here. If there's another crash, it'll even more global I assume.
2008 was bad loans to people who should have known their variable rate could and would be increased.
This crash would have more in common with the dot-com bust of quick over-inflation then a catastrophic devaluation that would wipe some things out of existence. Maybe.+

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    It's just a small gamble.