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1992 kn = 2292.354 mph = Mach 2.987677

alt 89k ft

The mach number above is not accurate because the definition is ratio vehicle speed to speed of sound. But sound travels slower at higher altitudes

89k is above everything in the table, but seems to be stable at 573 kn.

Let's assume that, so 1992/573 = 3.47 (mach number)

edit Sep.10 a variation from same speaker?
this one by Maury Rosenberg, SR-71 "Buzzing the tower" story you probably never heard before 5.5 min

edit Sep.16 another version of speed check audio this one by a known speaker, with full video:
Major Brian Shul, USAF (Ret.) SR-71 Blackbird 'Speed Check' 6 min