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I ban users who repeatedly drag the quality of discussion down the pyramid of debate. This has been a site rule since day 1. Nothing has changed.

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I came here for the funny, why the hell is this still up? This doesn't make any attempt at humor

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Yea this site has turned in to a pre-teen drama. It's tired. I maybe hit this site one or twice a week. It hardly has any relevant information on it. Most of the stuff is either about saidit or about reddit, how bad or good one or the other is. What transphopic thing was or wasn't said. There no news other than highly polerized political crap and the discussions are the same. It's sad. I remember when magnora7 was on THC. I had so much hope for this website. A place we could really speak our truth. Look how laughable that is now.

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I agree it's stupid pre-teen drama. I am cleaning it up when trolls actively generate drama that drags the quality of discussion downward, especially if they're astroturfing the upvotes.

But then you can't also complain that I'm deleting too many things like OP is. These are mutually-exclusive demands that are impossible to satisfy simultaneously. I try my best to only remove users that repeatedly drag the quality of discussion down the pyramid of debate, and that hasn't changed.

You're still able to share your truth. I'm only removing people who break the same rules we've had for 3 years

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                u/Node didn't you say Bob had no knowledge of the screenshot?

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                  PM of the 'bobby inbox' screenshot to my inbox, as below.

                  March 31, 6:38 pm PDT

                  magnora7 ADMITS to banning me for offending mentally retarded tranny faggot admin TheAmeliaMay

                  from bobbobbybob3 sent 3 days ago

                  proof. PNG /u/Magnora7 banned my second account for EXPOSING this FACT! I NEED you to re post this for me PLEASE we have to expose these faggots for censoring me!

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                  It's the people who are being banned who are starting all the bullshit drama.

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                    I don't spam the front page. Most of what I post sits at one vote and never moves anywhere.

                    And a threat? You're threatening me? WTF kind of site drama is this?

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                      I don't spam the front page constantly. I post articles, and people vote them up if they like them. 75% or so of what I post never moves above a single vote, mine.

                      That's how a Reddit clone is supposed to work. User-driven content.

                      Sure sounded like a threat to me. Won't work. I just post links and write comments. That's it. This site isn't my life, as it shockingly appears to be so many others'.

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                        This is more demoralization tactics. Won't work. I wish you all the best in your ongoing battle with reality.

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                        This comment thread is hidden on the second page, and has some pertinent information about what happened here. Spoiler: It appears the troll changed tactics and provoked M7 into attacking his own users.

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                        For all the little I've posted here, I've only lurked really and observed, I do so wish to go down in a fiery flame then. Ban me, punish me, call me names, it shall not matter. I remember when this place used to be different even though it is only barely a year that I have been here. I have always hated moderators and administrators, I have never liked the idea of being moderated by someone. There is a saying ( Idk if it's 100% accurate but here it goes) - the less rules a place has, the better it is (Probably about a school or something, but I really like this saying). Honestly, keeping up with the world through the internet is one of the biggest carriages you have to carry, I'd rather ditch the internet for a time, read the books I have and just plug out for once. Ardievu.

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                        Just proving that men are clearly the bitchiest sex once again.

                        You can't even help yourselves making posts bitching about other people's bitching.

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                        Rated: Fun 😂

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                        Men are definitely getting bitchier, I guess testosterone levels tanking has played a part in that.

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                        So where else would you go? or

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                        Which are either having the same admin issues and troll attacks we’re currently experiencing (coincidence?), or are major honey pots.

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                        the same admin issues

                        Poal has terrible admin issues. AOU acts like a bitchy little kid, and bans or nukes accounts just for disagreement. Then mocks anyone who complains or disagrees with their behavior. They both act like it's their personal playground, not an actual commenting site on the internet.

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                          Shill alert,

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                          this site is operated entirely by automated bots.


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                            Oh? Why is that?

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                            But that UI...

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                            IS THIS A JOKE>>

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                            trap for conservatives to be bombarded with blackpills and be distracted

                            Can someone explain this to me, a relative newby? For example, does a black pill help or harm a so-called conservative? I've located a definition of the term, but its usage here is not explicit.

                            I'm also not sure anyone here is truly an Isenhower conservative, as the majority appear to be radical republican white supremacist homophobes, or narcissistic libertarians, or confused anarchists. (It's nothing personal, it's just what a reader will find when reading posts and comments, and when being attacked for arguing.)

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                            Yeah a blackpill is basically where you get told about how bad something is. A whitepill is hope and a plan for the future. A redpill us new insight into a topic you were previously unaware of. Bluepill is staying ignorant about a given topic. Those are the 4 pills. The reason I say this place is a trap to blackpill "conservatives" is because you get drawn into all these news stories and shit but offer no solutions. Being a complacent figure in our time is as evil as being the oppressor. The same happens with normie news except they have the government and corporations on their side. The only way we can win this is by winning the culture war and making people "based" so to speak. Getting blackpills constantly no matter the content will make you pathetic, bitter, and depressed even if you don't realize it.

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                            I think this is an excellent way to explain what visitors tend to notice at Saidit. I've been in long arguments where I lay out a plan that I think will help challenge the 1% and thereby support the 99%, with specific, important projects, only to be met with: everyone's corrupt, I don't vote, 3rd parties are the best, change the entire system, etc. But there are no paths to solutions in many of those responses. Then the other person throws a barrage of insults, and is absolutely convinced I am a shill for something or someone. Yes, there are black pills here. What's odd is that many of us agree on concerns about corrupt politics, but are nonetheless seeing numerous posts from disinformation websites, and thus tend to argue about that hateful cliskbait rather than more important issues.

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                            If you want a small white pill, actually research the whole gme situation and timeline.

                            It goes much deeper than you think it would, and a lot more has come from this than just “people buying and making money on a stock”. The media is censoring heavy duty. They cut 18 minutes of one of the congressional meetings and blocked out every illegal thing marvin, citadel and brokers like Robinhood do on a daily basis that affects you as an American even if you don’t play with stonks. It basically proved we live in a matrix in many ways. This woke many people up, and forced many powerful fucked up people to dig their graves and lie down in them. And it’s far from over. There will def be a movie/doc about this.


                            Edit: haven’t checked this out in a while but maybe it’s been updated for those who want a quick tldr without having to search the internet for hours to transpose everything:


                            This movie emulates exactly what hedge funds are doing to brick and mortar businesses under the cover of Covid with the help from Covid stimulus packs that basically give them a money printer to short brick and mortar businesses into the ground using illegal techniques and become billionaires doing so while further taking money away from the almost gone middle class (by both bankrupting brick and mortar companies and having hundreds of thousands employees lose their jobs during the pandemic, as well as robbing new traders who are vulnerable to their manipulation blind, who are just trying to make money during the pandemic due to not having a job or enough work; Robinhood is an example of this, its in bed with Marvin and selling user data to them so they know a persons position on a stock, and they’re not even buying your shares as cash - they’re buying them on margin even with non-margin accounts or premium accounts that have margin turned off, which basically means if you have shares of gme in Robinhood, you actually have “ious”, and Marvin and Robinhood are part of the sinking ship under government investigation. They blocked gme from peaking in January/feb by coordinating the disabling of the ability to buy on their platform and other broker platforms, only sell, while short attacking from the other end with no buy support coming in, so how is that a free market? it’s targeted to millennials and zoomers, and functions almost as a gambling game app versus fidelity, vanguard or even td).

                            They were doing this to gme and it was picked up on. Between board members, a firm, and retailers (us) we own 100% of the shares because were not selling. None of the math is adding up and gme has admitted that and so have congressmen and women. Yet the hedge funds are still getting shares to short with from somewhere, it’s popping up in the all the borrow logs whenever they borrow 500k hourly on a market day at 18% interest or naked short with shares they don’t even have when there’s no volume going on.

                            To top all of this off, for everyday of the last market week there has been massive market activity on gme at 3 am every night. The market closes at 4 pm. There are maybe two users on /r/gme that own/have access to a 25k Bloomberg terminal and the terminals are picking it up but don’t know why it’s happening either, and they have advanced market data. If it happened once you could say it was a glitch, but everyday leading up to Good Friday? And still people hold and the price just goes side ways and they’re out of money still borrowing at interest according to logs (made possible by Covid stimulus acts to protect Wall Street to “protect our economy”).. they’re just trying to get people to panic sell using different techniques and it isn’t working... they were attempting to take away many jobs and ruin people’s lives and make money off of it, and they already have before and still are, this event is exposing that.

                            And they are far from the only hedge funds doing this. It affects all of our lives even if we don’t want it to. At least now it will be exposed for all to see.

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                            Bro, socks dgaf. He's a fake. Fake concern. Fake interest.

                            He's here to forum side in the comments and push the big pharma waxxeen agenda.

                            Polite deceit. He's here to sell everyone down the river.

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                            Even if that were 100% proven and I’m not saying I don’t believe you, nothing surprises me these days on SaidIt lol, other people will read it and learn more about the situation, how the media is covering it up, what’s actually going on, and how it affects them even if they aren’t involved in the market.

                            There’s been a lot of terrible corruption going on at the expense of the American people’s livelihoods and they’ve been making billions from it and the government (or part of it) seemed to cooperate and set this up for them in the Covid stimulus packs, and all these hedge funds just started attacking brick and mortar businesses with the governments money backing them. This is coming to light, if anyone reads it, it’s a little change from all the doom and gloom.

                            People are actually doing something to make a difference. There are many people who could have dropped out and made millions or hundreds of thousands already, but are still holding to make this large and expose this.

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                            I get what you're saying. You're basically talking at socks so the message is spread.

                            GME is also a good choice for a red pill, because nobody cares for the banksters, or hedge fund scumbags.
                            The reality is quickly self evident to anyone with a brain, when the facts are understood.

                            My point was socks isn't here for info.

                            He's here to prevent others from understanding suppressed info.

                            Explaining anything to him (for his benefit) is a waste of time. He'll pretend confusion when backed into a corner.

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                            Good post!

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                            Thanks for all of this. It was great to see this develop in early March. I hope there will be opportunites for this to happen again to other companies like Marvin and Robinhood. I was also surprised to see politicians discussing this as if it was a matter of serious national importance. I grew up listening to the Fed chair (Greenspan &c) harp on about deregulating the market and leaving it alone. Of course two Wall Street crashes followed their comments. Perhaps it's time for another "market correction", which has been predicted. In any event, I hope there will be more of this participation in the market.

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                            You are talking about me. I have offered solutions. Build new power structures in your communities, claim your natural rights before your government strips you of them, and quit giving a platform to corrupted individuals.

                            You are a time-suck. You back-peddle. You obfuscate. You had moments of reality, moments where you truly appeared to be a real person behind the keys, but now I see how much of a liar you are.

                            When the Empire unveils itself, please stop supporting it. The corrupted officials and their money-lenders do not deserve anyone's support. You act like you care about the 99% but spread Big Pharma talking points concerning the scamdemic. You are a time-suck of a user

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                            You had moments of reality, moments where you truly appeared to be a real person behind the keys, but now I see how much of a liar you are.

                            Yep. Bob and AM were at the very least interesting.

                            Socks is a deceptive wang job. Long comments with no substance, seeded with disinfo/misinfo.

                            He started the propaganda shitpost sub with AM.

                            Nobody would say a word if socks stopped showing up.
                            Addition by subtraction.

                            Let's hope M7 notices this and gives him the boot.

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                            Earendil - my reference is not really to our recent discussion, though it could be. Jason Carswell and I have these discussions quite often.

                            Build new power structures in your communities

                            I am not really sure how that can happen, but I'll hope to know more in due course

                            You are a time-suck.

                            This is where you lose me. Stop making everything personal, or as an affront to you. It's not.

                            The corrupted officials and their money-lenders do not deserve anyone's support.

                            Yes - and the plan to deal with them also has to be realistic

                            And I don't deserve your insults. I didn't do anything to you.

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                            But there are no paths to solutions in many of those responses.

                            Mentioning that path is against the rules on saidit.

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                            Perhaps you're joking....

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                            Hmm, not explicitly mentioned on that page, but M7 has repeatedly said 'that path' can't be advocated on saidit.

                            BTW, read though those comments if you haven't already. Note the "I'm a pedophile" guy, and many others like him.

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                            I probably misunderstand what "the path" is, in this context. If you can define what you mean by "the path", perhaps I'll understand (though this is now rather late in the conversation and you may be now engaged in other matters). It's good to read that there is some more information on the recent ban of Muskrat, but I wish he wouldn't share additional evidence about Bob's screenshot, as this shows evidence of his support of Bob - as if he were spamming the conversation with Bob's comments. Thus he got cought-up in a Bob discussion, and loki88 fake account and spam process, that made him look like he was part of the coordination of those approaches to insult Amelia and cause other problems. It seems he had shown his agreement with Bob's concerns, and loki88's fake accounts created additional character assassination that pointed fingers at Muskrat. Even Amelia agreed with me that Muskrat might have been caught up in a case of mistaken identity. But now (new) Muskrat is adding fuel to the fire, again, though may or may not know it. If he notes Bob is the PM source of the screenshot, then this calls into question the context in which Muskrat shared it, as that context got him in trouble.

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                            Here is my hopefully last comment on all that. It's unfortunate that our troll is able to play the situation here so successfully...

                            Bob is a girl, btw.

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                            Thanks for this. I agree, "Musky and bob got a bad deal".

                            Because the trolls got involved, I think M & B unwittingly got cought-up in fake screenshots and arguments that were critical of M7.

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                            See Larry's reply to my comment. Much better formatted explanation than mine.

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                            Getting blackpills constantly no matter the content will make you pathetic, bitter, and depressed even if you don't realize it.

                            The sad truth is, Tallest_Skil has been right all along.