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u/Node didn't you say Bob had no knowledge of the screenshot?

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Currently being fact checked... Stay tuned.

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    Wait, we're talking about Musky as in the banned American Muskrat?

    Ah, I'm in the comment thread now. I see.

    PM of the 'bobby inbox' screenshot to my inbox, as below.

    March 31, 6:38 pm PDT

    magnora7 ADMITS to banning me for offending mentally retarded tranny faggot admin TheAmeliaMay

    from bobbobbybob3 sent 3 days ago

    proof. PNG /u/Magnora7 banned my second account for EXPOSING this FACT! I NEED you to re post this for me PLEASE we have to expose these faggots for censoring me!

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    Here is hopefully my final word on the situation, after hearing from bob on poal again.

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      poor musky. he thinks i sent him the screenshot, when it was the fake me (with a 3). he sometimes called me bob3, so probably missed the extra numeral. I hope someone can set him right.

      I'm also confused, but this is what bob on poal has replied to me. I guess you called bob bob3 because of the three bobs in the username, but the bobbobbybob3 was apparently the troll who made all the screenshots, and also sent the "bobs inbox" screenshot to both you, me, and others. See my other comment just above with the quote from MY inbox. There was a bobbobbybob2 who made a post of that screenshot, but was probably banned, then made the new account to send it to all of us.

      Bobbobbybob on poal has seen the screenshots, as I quoted to TAM in a previous comment exchange.

      And for what it's worth, here is the rest of it. Bolding is mine.

      i got the picture from the thread where americanmuskrat came back as aquaticanimal or something like that. or maybe in the 'his name was jason carswell' thread. I hadn't seen it before, and thought that someone (an admin) had logged in as me to get it. maybe d3rr, but it being fake makes more sense.

      what happened is: I got into an argument with m7 about being slandered by tam, who was calling me a paid troll. M7 chose to ignore all of tam;s lies, slander, ad hominem etc and focus on me calling her a cunt.

      i tried for a whlie, then gave up and wrote a goodbye post, logged out and deleted my credentials. All over.

      m7 then removed my goodbye post, and cloudflare firewalled me so i couldn't even check to see if my post was there for days.I don't know if he also banned me, or if he did what reason he gave

      that's it, really, other than tam lying about being innocent. He said he 'blocked me', but admins can't block, so its typical tam BS.

      you can look at my username on saidit to find the final straw conversation threads. goodbye was in saidit sub and you can see in mod log.


      Okay, I think I'm done with trying to figure out wtf happened here. I still think Musky and bob got a bad deal, but it is what it is.

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      Okay, good detective work. Here's my current impression of what happened, based on the limited data I have. It should be taken more as a possibility.

      • /u/bobbobbybob and /u/magnora7 were bickering over how this site should be moderated. bob left out of frustration.
      • m7 may or may not have banned bob on top of that. (I can't tell.)
      • the ironleft trolls, realizing that bob wouldn't be around to set the record straight, created the hoax that m7 banned bob for transphobic slurs. The idea was to frame others for spreading it. They did this by using fake accounts (/u/bobbobbybob2 and /u/bobbobbybob3) to send this image (which is clearly fake) to, at the very least, /u/AmericanMuskrat and /u/Enza (as you can see here).
      • Muskrat, mistaking it for a real screenshot by the real bob, shares it with others.
      • m7 gets the impression that the fake screenshot originated from Muskrat and bans him.
      • Muskrat has only limited capacity for drama and, instead of fighting it, simply announces his leave.

      So how do you guys feel about this? Can you see how they were simply looking who'd take the bait, and how Muskrat was caught in crossfire? Of course, I only have part of the picture. But m7, please consider to what degree you're basing his ban on actual evidence that he's a shill instead of being framed. For example, when you say he posted about how great it is to have sex with 17 year olds, was it really him posting those things? I saw this screenshot, but it's obviously just as fake as the bob screenshot. I don't know in what other ways he was stirring up drama (because I miss things). But if we're left with him pushing the boundaries, then that doesn't mean he's a shill. Carswell posted in /s/tits, but that doesn't make him a shill. If Muskrat's a shill, he's an impossibly convincing one. He made witty posts and befriended established users. This is atypical for shills, they don't put in that kind of effort. I have further evidence that he was framed, which I will PM to you.

      Edit: to add, I think bob's a real user as well. They were rude, but people have acted like that online forever, they're simply enjoying the anonymity that the Internet provides. I don't think so many people would find them interesting (myself included) if they were a troll.

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      Thanks, that's a cogent explanation of everything that's come out.

      I would like to see M7 reconsider the bans, as I think sticking to them will give the troll a huge win and hurt saidit, but it's his site to do with as he wishes.


      I know you and bob don't get along, but what do you think of this?

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      That's pretty much what happened, to my knowledge.

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      Yes - I think this is a good summary by /u/LarrySwinger2 and in your notes. I mentioned similar points to M7 and Amelia earlier, and M7's response to me in the earlier thread indicates that there are other disturning screenshots at issue (IDK), but in any event, I agree with a number of people here (and I think /u/TheAmeliaMay agrees) that another review would be helpful. Regarding /s/Tits, it was a very light-hearted approach, without anything shocking or abusive, but rather silly posts about birds, men, &c. I and Muskrat have kindly asked M7 for clemency for Muskrat, given the confusing nature of the troll attacks. But trends indicate that this will not happen.

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      There are four fake screenshots I know of:

      1. Magnora telling Bob they where banned for anti-trans slurs

      2. Musky saying he's into kids

      3. Fschmidt recruiting for the iron left trolls

      4. FediNetizen promoting violence

      There might be more, but those are all I've seen thus far.

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      Yes - that seems to be the list I've seen.

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      Great comment, I think you hit the nail on the head. This is my perspective of the entire situation, but as a user, there may be admin info and evidence they’ve collected we’re not privy too, even though TAM seems to be on the same page.

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      That pretty much proves the screenshot is fake and Musky got it from a troll — likely one of lok88's alts. The troll also made a screenshot framing Musky, which I heavily doubt he'd'a made of himself. There where two more framing people Musky ain't got beef with (that I know of).

      Yes, there was a u/bobbobbybob2 account that originally posted the screenshot. I believe Fried Beans caught it. A variable I consider important is the date on which it was posted: April first. They certainly made a fool out o poor Musky.

      I never saw the argument between Bob and Mag — and honestly: I don't care to — but I think it was in response to one of my comments. I never said I was completely "innocent", since I've wanted Bob banned for months (I thought they where a troll), but at least Bob knows I didn't personally ban them. A lot of people think I did, despite Mag's comments to the contrary, and the fact he wouldn't even let me ban someone like Bob in the first place.

      BTW, admins can block people, just not while in admin mode. It means I usually don't see their posts, but if I'm in admin mode: I can. It ain't really a big deal, since I never get notifications from blocked users. I'm not sure if that's reliant on whether or not I'm in admin mode at the time, or if they're always blocked.

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      They certainly made a fool out o poor Musky.

      The thing is that it's mostly m7 who was made a fool of... See my post below.