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anyone who opposes them now knows exactly how to destroy them without lifting a finger.

imagine voting for someone like this. "yeah they were gonna do some good things, but then someone called them by the gender they obviously are so the government shut down for a month"

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If the deep state didn't lift a finger, there wouldn't be this retarded rhetoric in the first place. They're the ones promoting the SJW, LBGJ+-$ crap and third wave feminism. They have agents in every notable party.

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what's a 'deep state'

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The owner of this website, /u/usehername, gets all pissy when I call her a she, cuz she keeps wanting to be called him/he.

Fkn trannies.

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took two posts to spot the word 'yaoi'

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article. Somebody resigned for this "incident". It's hilarious.

Like German leftists, they don't need to be attacked by actual political opposition. They simply self-destroy.

I also wonder where their voters actually live.

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The deep state usually infiltrates non-mainstream parties/activist groups and destroy them from within

Tactics include racist rhetoric, focusing on non-issues, stifling progress, disrupting meetings, etc.

The real left can't really get any steam going because the deep state tends to take down large independent leftist groups like in COININTELPRO where they murdered a bunch of socialist leaders.

Every major independent group eventually gets infiltrated and from there the stupidity begins.

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Yep nothing stops a movement from gaining mainstream acceptance faster than having a bunch of people start talking about the Jews at every available opportunity.

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About "their" Jews, please. "Them" having no balls whatsoever, even though "they" were born with a pair. (most likely)

We don't want to give any admin here a chance to fabricate a scandal by using "them" fucking wrong pseudo-genderization-pronouns like them.

It is easier to completely sacrifice our grammar at "their" altar of eternal pseudo-wokeness, they themselves don't even believe in.

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Hebrews Shebrews and Theybrews should all be respected along with Microbrews and Craftbrews.

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"Should". As long as civilty -which is a pure illusion- stands. I agree.

Once it doesn't anymore, remember me to first ask, please.

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muh signluar they

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This is why the left won't win. Not because communists can't actually physically take over with force, but because they'll eat each other's spleens over stupid intersectional purity nonsense like this first.

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Communists mainly only exist in your head. They certainly have no institutional power. But your conservitard worldview hedges on willful ignorance, and you deliberately replace the ethnic group responsible for the woes of Western nations with faceless "communists" to avoid the cognitive dissonance of being both j-pilled and a zionist conservitard.

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The ethnic group responsible for the woes of western nations? I would assume that's the majority, or at least the largest minority. Hmm. You're right.

I blame white people for the decline of western civilization

jewposters go back in the closet. You failed your people and you're too weak to own it and reverse course so you blame the tiniest-possible minority.

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You blame White people because you're a jew, and jews have hated Whites since Roman times. Too bad your shitty temple got burned down so now your tribe has to sacrifice children to moloch in secret instead of out in the open. Poor you.

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The left has been winning for a while now. Its conservatives who can't seem to win

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conservatives and libs are a part of the same system, it doesn't matter who wins, both will destroy the world

Neocons fucked the world over under Bush and took over when Trump was president too. The country just continuously flips back and forth between the two.

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Kuttnwr is a vaguely jewish surname. Half jew, half asian?

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There's no evidence she or it is jewish.Why are people like you obsessed with them even when there's none?EDIT also Kuttnwr is german.

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Found the jew

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I like to point out that people obsessed with jewposting have failed in their duty as men to reform society, so they are projecting their weakness into race hate. It usually goes poorly if they react to it at all, but I have fun with it.

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I know,literally instead of admitting whites have done bad things and maybe that's the reason why we're in the shit we're in today,these guys want to blame someone else and think there's been this massive conspiracy by jewish people to make whites look bad and waited until now to go about this plan.

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Can't do shit to "reform society" when the highest strata of said society is occupied by obscenely wealthy, extremely ethnocentric jews who have the stated objective of genociding all whites on the face of the planet.

And further, when morons like you intentionally obfuscate and deflect away from any suggestion of jews being responsible for anything. If you aren't being paid for this splendid performance then it is even more sad.

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Can't do shit to "reform society" when the highest strata of said society is occupied by obscenely wealthy, extremely ethnocentric jews who have the stated objective of genociding all whites on the face of the planet.

Yet, the NWO army, NATO, is led by whites and have been destroying and genociding non-whites throughout history. Thousands of publicly known deep state operations have been against non-whites.

Name one example of the deep state targeting and murdering thousands of whites like they did to the Chinese in Operation Gladio B.

Name one example of the deep state mass inoculating infertility vaccines to only whites like they did to 3 M African women.

Name one example of the deep state lying about a government and dropping thousands to millions of bombs against a white nation.

The deep state dropped over 270 million cluster bombs on Laos. They don't look white to me.

White genocide, lmao, you fucking crybaby.

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NATO is directed by international finance jews, retard. They use shitskins like yourself as biological weapons against European populations. You are the bombs.

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You know it's really funny how you make accusations that jews think they're the superior people then turn around and referred to non whites as shitskins.

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I never made such an accusation. I won't comment on who is superior, but blacks being inferior is the statistical and observable reality. Don't blame me, blame black genetics. Feel free to blame jews for bringing them to our countries as well.

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I've come to learn that I now blame Jews for many irritations in life, they're like a recurring spam email for a product I never wanted and it won't just go away and leave me alone. This must be how the Romans felt.

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Both thumps up. Can't be expressed better.

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let me know when white ppl stop banging kids







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Hilarious that you name a bunch of jews while making this claim. You are too dumb to realize you've been hoodwinked.

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So basically, you can't name a single example of white genocide, yet there are hundreds of examples of genocides against non-whites. FACTS DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS

wHiTe gEnOcIdE, lmfao. Why are you such a gigantic pussy? You taking notes from third wave feminists? tHaT's rApE, tHaT's gEnOcIdE!

NATO and Western governments are 99% white. If white people could stop raping and eating little babies for one second, they wouldn't be controlled through blackmail and we wouldn't be in this mess.

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Africans rape babies to cure their aids, because they have IQ's of 60 and their witch doctors told them it would work.

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whaaaaaa society happened to me! I'm the victim the jews are to blame and i bear no personal responsibility because the problem is bigger than my imagination

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I'm not the victim. I'm a witness to the mass rape of our civilisation by hooknosed grabblers like you.

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He is listed in wikipedia among other famous Kuttners who include orthodox scholars and rabbis. Jews are genetically predisposed to schizophrenia and other mental discorders. They are thus overrepresented among troons and pedos.

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His wikipedia also states nothing about him being jewish.This is just another attempt like with John Money and claiming"This person is crazy or evil therefore they must be jewish."

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I googled John Money and he has an ashkenazi phenotype. Not to mention that jews are the only group who culturally use surnames with currency and precious metals/stones. Just because no early life info is available doesn't mean he isn't a jew. Not to mention that he had the infamously jewish profession of 'sexologist'. Honestly he reminds me of a certain Wilhelm Reich.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

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So because he looks jewish to you means he must be one.Nice logic

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"He looks jewish, he acts jewish, he has a jewish name. There's no way he could be a jew." -Jewish saidit user jacques1102

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That is the type of person you have running the country though.

You think these woke can last out a job in a private company?

They are all in the civil service and various government orgs.

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What's his problem

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You never know for sure, but it is certainly mental

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Looks like some kind of ad for the green party.

That being said, the person who resigned over this may have resigned to sort of protest against this.

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Jesus, this chick looks like she was hit with a stun gun. Literally stunned.

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That look you get when you realise you don't pass as anything other than female and never will.

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No wonder the Green Party can't get anything done and that the environment is going to shit. Catering to the insane is certain to outrage the sane, and will distract from actual issues. Is, therefore, forcing the inclusion of nutcases into political parties (or society in general for that matter) designed to make actual democratic politics ineffective?

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The debacle reminds me of a June feature published by The Intercept, a left-leaning nonprofit, on how “meltdowns have brought progressive advocacy groups to a standstill at a critical moment in world history.” It traces a series of Green Party-like internal combustions at progressive nonprofits whose employees and members can’t stop hurling accusations at their own leaders and peers.

As a result, these once-powerful organizations have become distracted from their core missions and unable to function. They’re also squandering a critical period of media attention and increased public support for their causes, including racial justice and environmental protection. The world should be their oyster, but instead they insist on consuming themselves whole.