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...using campaign funds (which is why he should be locked up)

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Until they can't prove anything, he goes free and this is all ANOTHER hoax like Russia, Ukraine collusion. It's amazing how well the propaganda has worked... which insists that one man can control the minds of millions somehow, when it's obviously what government and media have been doing for so many decades.

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The accusation is that it was company funds, not even campaign funds. The campaign fund thing only ever came up, because his lawyer baffelingly plead guilty to that nonsense charge.

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There was no armed attack upon the White House nobody was carrying a shotgun nobody was carrying an assault rifle nobody was carrying grenades but I want to promise you plenty of hillbillies got those things so once you show me one video of someone waving a gun around inside the White House you can't do it you stupid f****** tranny b****

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Still an assault, but fair

Also that has nothing to do with his comment

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There was no armed assault on the White House because if there was you would have video of people walking through the White House with weapons in their hands but they had no such videos instead they had videos of people walking through the hallways peacefully wearing funny horned hoods and funny clothes but no armed attack yet Mr Trump is constantly accused of orchestrating a violent attack on the White House.

Now Trump is being accused of paying a pornstar hush money which is a completely b******* charge even though Stormy Daniels came out and said that there was no such thing and so what do these Democrat tranny m************ do they offer stormy an 800,000 book deal.

My comment was related to The Post because I was showing that there is a continuing effort to charge Mr Trump for anything and everything if Trump was to piss diamonds onto the table they would sue him for it

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I see we have another redditor here....

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Again, just a joke and I will let the "legal experts" handle this. Well, I have no choice, do I?

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LOL idiot Democrat wants Trump locked up for at worst miscategorizing $100,000 campaign funds while Biden funnels billions out of the country and keeps who knows how much for himself. Fauci makes millions while murdering hundreds of thousands, and kids no less. Yet they are heroes in your mind.

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She signed a letter saying they didnt have an affair and his lawyer testified trump didnt pay her but ok

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It's just a joke. I think this is going to backfire on the Dims and they will lose the election big time.

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man i hope so

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Lol.. Cohan paid horse face and she even wrote a affidavit stating the whole thing was a campaign funds ever exchanged hands..1: the campaign was totally paid for by Trump and 2: Cohan was never involved in Trump's campaign...another nothing burger

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She wasn't able to smoocze her way into an Apprentice TV show position years, so she wanted to get paid one way or another. She had already sold her story, before Trump declared his candidacy, just to get some cash out of the story.

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What does Melania actually think of her husband's extra marital excesses?