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It baffles me how often South Park is a voice of reason. This isn't even the only time they made logic out of a few of the extreme sides.

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I asked my parents if I could watch it (during the first or second season when it first came out) - they watched it with me and told me no more, because it had no real message and thus no real purpose.

When I watched it a few years later, I realised they were right.

Until I watched it again recently - they've changed, the show has changed and now I've watched every season. My parents were right at the time - but so so wrong now, a bias I am sure they won't ever be able to get over.

My favourite line was this one, from Stan, Season 10 episode 12:

"Couldn't evolution just be the answer to how and not why?"

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The most accurate gif about reddit to exist. Made me chuckle

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Hahaha that was hilarious, and accurate

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Yes it is! Well, they won't have to ban me. I'm not returning there, ever. I'm done with Reddit.

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ever sinds South Park started with the Lesson crap at the end of a episode ...IT SACKS