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Great. Thanks! I think we have a great place going here, but we could always use more traffic

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oh hey magnora7! heard you on the higherside chats, nice work man!

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Thanks, appreciate it. Welcome to saidit!

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You could also certainly use some more funding !

Hey, everybody, check out saidit's patreon (link at bottom of this page): only 23$ given this month. This is like gab pre-2016 and we should make sure that saidit does not end up in the same situation (having to abandon the project for lack of funds, saved only by a last-minute financial injection).

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I'm here too, from Reddit. If this board needs another mod I can help.

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Here's our welcome message if anyone is interested in learning more about how saidit works:

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Those people are so horrible on that thread. We're the nicest folks, you guys.

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Is this a sub for Q people? Love how this looks just like Reddit but with simpler rules.

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Yeah it is! There are like 2,340 people so I'm just keeping up with both to would be nice if another reddit sub would have INVITED US but no...

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Neon Revolt and some of the mods from GA have set up a new sub on Voat called theawakening and people are following them over there. Here is the link:

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Here I am lol. Voat is weird...I miss GA :(

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I know. I don't think we can red pill normies on the Voat platform the way we were on Reddit. They will not tolerate the likes of what we all created on Reddit on Voat. And delicate normies will run away from the negative environment on Voat, I think. I enjoyed the positivity of the Reddit sub and will miss that.

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I prefer it here and I have been directing them this way.

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Reddit Refugee joining the crew...WWG1WGA

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Where we gay one, we gay all? Nice!

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Checking in. Still finding my way around.

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It took me a little while to get used to GA after they shut down CBTS so I guess I can park it here for the time being. I'm starting to feel like a military brat always moving!! Thanks for the hospitality ya'll & GOD Bless Patriots Worldwide/l\

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There is nothing Q coming up the pipe for the donald sub over there. I am guessing that they want no mention of it causing trouble there. They are boasting that they are going nowhere. It is a sub dedicated to Trump and they shun Q stuff, but I guarantee people went there to post the breaking news. DrainTheSwamp decided to go private. I'm not going to chase them down, asking for permission. The Swamp Watch was already private and it got taken out. They will get hit too.

I seen a couple mods around but not FartOnToast.

There is a sub Called THEBANOUT2018 where all of this is being orchestrated in phases, by "supermods". Phase 4 is suppose to include the donald. They also had a strawpoll asking which one should be next and The Donald is at the top of the list. It looks like they are holding off for now. Their main target appears to be anything Q related. There was also talk about this being set off by posts that talked bad about Serena Williams, married to the co founder of Reddit.

I went over to Voat but it is getting lagged out from all the traffic. I like how it runs here. I do not like the language they use over there. It casts a bad light on us all and I want no part of it. I think Voat is going to get targeted for shut down. They are not able to even keep up as it is.

Going forward, we need to find our refugees and get us all together. Do not delete your Reddit. Q said to get our memes ready. They did us a favor and let us out of our box. We can now freely travel the rest of Reddit handing out red pills.

Another thought is to branch out. If we could find some great public speakers to stream live on both Youtube and Twitch. It will help get the word out, direct traffic and keep up on the latest. They could even potentially make some good money doing it. There is already a guy on Twitch, who is talking shit about the subs that got banned.

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Looks like most people have been directed to Voat. The Donald remains untouched. Draintheswamp still remains untouched in private mode. The ban list has not moved forward yet.

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I'm another refugee from Reddit. Glad the Great Awakening has found a safe home for now. I tried Voat, but the Jew hate is to strong there.