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Glad to have you here, and that you appreciate our quick pageload time! (I've measured it at 0.096 seconds before)

We are currently developing an app. We're starting with andriod and will do iOS after that. We had it in the app store a few days ago, but google unpublished it for violating some of their app publishing rules, but they're very vague, so we're working on figuring out how to fix it so it can be re-approved. We did that today.

We plan to develop that is mostly the same as the desktop, just a bit differently sized for reading on a phone. The app will display that mobile site. But it can also be accessed directly from a mobile browser too. For now, I'd just browse it on your phone browser in landscape mode if you want to do mobile. I do this often, it works fairly well.

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There is no app, but I can pull it up on my phone browser just fine.

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I LOVE THE NAME!!! Sounds just like reddit. But it's way better! Just finished reading and totally love the no downvotes option.

VOAT's branding just doesn't appeal to me. My mind dislikes seeing then their logo in All Caps, without using A's, and not spelled VOTE.. Kind of annoying haha.

Plus there are not many people here yet but there is so much potential!! I think we all need to make sure we share this site with everyone on voat so we can increase our chances of diversification.

It reminds me of Hydra, cut off the head and we'll grow back TWO!

Love you guys and so proud of such a fast comeback. Let's kick some ass and get this information out there.

I hope SerialBrain2 chimes in!!


p.s. - I'm going to try and make some meme's to post later ;)

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Lol. I’m not a fan of the name but LOVE that it’s a fork of reddit. I agree with you about VOAT. It’s just strange and kinda throws me off.

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I will switch here in a heartbeat if it got Mobile support. Voat is a good back up in the interim, but I feel as if could be on the verge of getting banned as a whole.

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By mobile support do you mean for your mobile browser or do you mean an app? We'll probably do both but I'm curious which matters more to you.

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If this site can have its votes manipulated, it will have its votes manipulated. Then what? Reddit all over again? How will this site handle that issue? Are there rules or systems in place to prevent that?

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For starters, there's no downvote here so content can't be buried. And brigading/vote manipulation will not be allowed. Past that, we're open to ideas. Maybe we'll get strict about ips and rate limiting to prevent upvote bots. But this is an anonymous platform so I don't think there's a silver bullet.

Unrelated to vote manipulation, we have thought about a system where sub users can vote to kick out corrupted mods.

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I get the feeling Voat will be taken down. The behavior there is going to be a target for their demise. I don't think it is doing well to begin with. I like it here but it seems the refugees are being directed there.

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God bless you! Voat was good but I'm glad we are here!!