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Absolutely, I'm happy to add any insight and details I have!

And thank you for force-adding AutoMod, I'll see if it works!

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Sweet! I'm very curious to hear any results you have, good or bad. I am going to try and learn about automod from what you learn, because I know little about it, but as the site admin I really should know how it works

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Just following up on this.

I've been tinkering with the AutoMod scheduler based on how Reddit described in this post:

I suspect AutoMod on this site doesn't have a scheduler in it's code. I've tried getting it to update by sending messages saying both "schedule" and "update", and I've sent them as my own user name and as the subreddit itself, and I'm not getting any results :(

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Hm I see, thanks for the update with more details. Sorry it doesn't work, not sure how to fix that

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I'll keep poking around and see if I can find the source code somewhere for the scheduler, even if it's an old version or an archive ... unfortunately, when Deimorz stopped being a Reddit employee, he took down his GitHub with all the code.

Would it be helpful to find other Reddit bots that do scheduling? Or is AutoMod unique enough that it's its own separate beast?

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Sounds good. I would just look only at reddit automod related stuff, it's got a unique system I'm sure. It could be as simple as we need to just enable it (which would be no problem), or it might be as complicated as we have to rebuild the whole scheduling program from scratch to make it work (which probably wouldn't happen). But who knows what the actual hangup is, if it's easy we'd definitely fix it if you can figure out what the issue is

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Hi again!

I know this is an older thread, but it's where we were discussing AutoMod so I wanted to keep everything in the same place.

One of my other mods asked a user if he knew anything about the AutoMod scheduler, and it looks like it's meant to be a separate script running for AutoMod. He thought this should be the scheduler code:

Do you think this is something you all might consider? Like I mentioned earlier, I don't know anything about actually running bots, so I don't know the complexity of adjusting it to work for SaidIt.

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I think automod scripts should still work, not certain though

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General AutoMod scripting is working great! I haven't had any issues with that, once IP2 helped with the silly flair CSS issue I ran up against.

The scheduler looks to be a separate script that runs alongside regular AutoMod code though, it's not integrated.

If I'm reading it correctly, ANYONE could actually use this SchedulerBot script if they configured it to read-write against their moderator account/profile and kept the script running 24/7. So the script just needs to updated to SaidIt instead of Reddit, and told to read-write the AutoMod account/profile specifically ... I think?

Maybe u/justcool393 can add extra insight? Sorry to bother you JC, I'm just out of my depth when it comes to bots and you're literally the most knowledgeable person any of us former-Redditors know.

I still have AutoMod as a mod in s/DropTheT and am totally willing to help test functionality if/when extra features are added.

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Hm I know so little about the automod system, sorry. I would assume though that you could drop in the schedulerbot code along in with the automod code though.