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    Ok littlepinkhouses, I went there (apparently preferences is a sub, more on that below), and it says...

    How may I stop being subscribed to so many subs and revert back to having the same list of default subs that new users get? A: In your preferences under subscriptions you may reset subscriptions. SaidIt switched from having an auto-subscribe to all on registration model to a more traditional opt-in model in October 2019.

    What is "list of default subs"?

    ... and under the next-to-last preference, "reset subscriptions" the selection list has default no, but yes is marked (danger). Clicking that, is a warning box, "really reset your subscriptions and go back to the default subs? this action cannot be undone."

    I'm left going "hmmm, WTF?" The problem here is that SaidIt has chosen to nullify the meaning of subscription, to make it mean total of user accounts minus number of "unsubscribers". Since unsubscribing to dozens of subs is a tedious and reward-free task (edit subs), I'm sure the idea of "subscriber" is thus rendered meaningless. The result is what I originally suggested, to hide the number of readers who have specified an interest in a topic (sub). That's obfuscation to hide the truth, commonly known as "fake news". This resetting of preferences idea is also obfuscating, as the means of doing it hides what it does with vague language couched as a warning, just like the mainstream habit of warning against content being a "conspiracy theory".

    Is PREFERENCES a sub? It has a small option set in top left corner: my subs - subscribed-all-random - edit subs »

    Since we are here in HELP, could you lph, or anyone, explain the meaning of subscription as it is now done, post "traditional opt-in model in October 2019"? Obviously the model has not changed. And what does it mean to "reset subscriptions" (danger)? Thnx.