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I don't think there's a way to get back into your account if you don't know the username. Any ideas, u/magnora7?

If you don't care much about your old account, it's easier to just keep using this one.

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I'm not even sure what this person is asking sorry. Do they need the password reset or do they need the username?

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They don't know their username.

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First the username, then the pw reset.

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Maybe search for a post you made or commented on? Check web browser history?

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Search your history for

Search the internet (however that site:saidit command works) for a phrase you remember posting.

If your ISP is unusually customer oriented, perhaps they would tell you the account name you used to connect to, since they have it in their data storage.

Otherwise, consider this a fresh new start and reintroduce yourself in s/introductions.


*If any of those other TayeCarrol accounts on the internet are yours, maybe you linked or mentioned your saidit account on those. Check back through your histories.