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Is this going outside your front door? They make wifi cameras stealthily built in to porch lighting fixtures.

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Problem is they cost over $200, most I have seen like ring are not live and the ones that are cost a monthly fee.

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wireless camera with live video feed

Searching that turns up some as low as $30. Quality might be a problem, but the investment is low.

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Yeah I saw them, some cost a monthly fee, some is only live when you click live and some had very bad reviews.

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I'm kind of in the market for one too. Finding a decent one at a reasonable cost that fits my situation seems like more effort than my causal interest would support atm.

Made it to Vybor yet? Is that a community server, and do you need to be whitelisted?

My problem is too many games and not enough time. Haven't even turned my PS4 on in days. A guy on poal just linked me to this project that lets you play old RTS games like Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. The AI is crushing me in TD...

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Made it to NWAF and went up to novaya where I was KOSed. I did find a camera for cheap however it uses RCA plugs so I would need a adapter. But no gaming today, I formatted my data drive and I'm working on recovering the data.

Tip: pay attention to what your doing or you might lose a lot of data.