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You'll need to know CSS and how to use it to edit site elements in your stylesheet. You might be able to find some info here:

If you find a sub on SaidIt that already does what you want, you can read their stylesheet and apply similar code to yours:

You can also check Reddit subs and their styling. Some elements behave differently on SaidIt vs Reddit though, so it can be a bit of guess-and-checking, especially where nightmode/daymode are concerned. If you're using Reddit as a reference, be sure you're using the URL when you're looking around, otherwise you'll end up on New Reddit which won't be helpful.

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Figured couple of things out, tho it's still pretty hard. Any good subs I could get code from? Almost everything seems to be using stock. So far only saw "Decentralize everything" do anything meaningful and been trying their code since then. Right now I'm trying to add a banner/logo kinda thing, and also change it so that it wouldn't link to "" but "".

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I don't think this website allows stylesheet editing