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Can you share more about hearing his voice and the dreams? Happy Easter.

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Since you asked, I will share two experiences with you. I waited until I was 39 before I repented. I wasted so much of my life. But I saw the need for a Savior and decided at that age to obey the Lord, whatever he says I am to do. If he says something is a sin, I will make an effort to stop doing that.

I wept when I realized I had been lost so long and that Jesus did truly die for our sake and not for anything he did that was wrong. He, a perfect man, died for the imperfect. The righteous man Jesus died for sinners, like me. It was bitter sweet to me, and I wept many tears. Soon after I repented, I was lying in bed at night in a twilight state of consciousness, between being awake and asleep, and I clearly heard audibly on the left side of my bed:

Yet I have glory.

It was the voice of a king, full of power and authority. It was a rich-sounding man's voice, not weak but strong. It is what I would imagine as being a perfect man's voice. He would be an awesome narrator for a documentary or movie. I knew it was the Lord. I felt like he acknowledged my lateness to repent, waiting until I was 39, but he saw that I am sincere in wanting him to be my Lord. I was previously lost in sin and in wrong thinking, and was not showing him the honor he deserves, but now he is glorified in my life as the Lord, for who he truly is. But it's not too late. I am still here! Yet he has glory in my life.

One of the first dreams I remember where I saw him....

I was sitting at a table with a man in a large atrium of a hotel. I felt like we were just visitors at the hotel. He was not looking directly at me and had no expression on his face. But I knew it was the Lord. I asked him if I should warn people about aliens. He got up and began walking, without answering, and I followed.

I stood at the bottom of a staircase and Jesus was already at the top. How did he get up there so fast? I didn't even see him walk up the steps, but there he is already at the top, and I am still at the bottom. He looked down at me and said, "I will send you help with those." He was looking at something behind me. I turned and looked and saw packages.... stuff, like heavy luggage, as if I were checking out of the hotel. I thought he meant he would send help to carry those things for me so I could go up the stairs and be at the top, where he is. But now I think he meant that I cannot take my baggage with me to heaven, so he will help me let go of it and be separated from those things that tie me down to the bottom, on earth.

Have you had any experiences where you sensed God, or the Lord, communicating with you?

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No, I don't think I have, unfortunately. I want to learn from people who have though and I thank you for sharing, you always have valuable input here.

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If you want to sense God's presence, the first step is prayer. You can ask him to speak to you. You may or may not hear an audible voice, but if you sincerely desire to communicate with him, he will. You could ask him spiritual questions and if you want a truthful answer, he will instruct you. Anyone who desires the truth will receive it. Everybody is unique, and there are different ways of hearing God. I pray God would help you recognize the way he speaks to you. He has been speaking to you, but you have not yet recognized his voice. There are many other spirits that would like to influence you, but the Holy Spirit is God, and his love for you is infinite, while many other spirits are confused and actually seek to destroy you. So I pray he would protect your mind so that you are not deceived.

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Thank you, that's very kind.

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You should try it.

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Jesus was a zombie 😮

Fun history fact: Easter is much older than Jesus and actually originates from a holiday dedicated to a pagan fertility goddess rendered in various dialects as Eostre or Ostara, hence all the bunnies and eggs and shit that have nothing to do with Jesus

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Jesus was beaten so badly that he may have appeared to be already dead before he made it to the cross, but when he was resurrected, his body was completely spiritualized and full of life.

Easter is a pagan tradition, and that should be obvious to the most casual observer, but this post was not about Easter.... It was about the resurrection of the Lord on the day we call Easter.

Christmas is another pagan tradition, having a tree decked with ornaments and the ridiculous stories of Satan's Claws Santa Claus. But on the day we call Christmas, we remember the miraculous virgin birth of Jesus Christ our Savior, who came to the world to save all mankind.

We, those who believe the truth and not the lies of men, say these things. But the world prefers the pagan traditions and have little or no interest in knowing the truth. The pagan traditions are a distraction from the truth, but do not nullify reality. There is a God who showed us the way out of this hell on earth through the man Jesus, through the perfect example of his life of love and his word.